Next Generation Web 3 Project MADOG Looks Set To Revolutionize How Crypto Enthusiasts Interact In The Metaverse

The meme token will usher in a new era of community-driven stability.

After the crypto meltdown of 2022, many investors are searching for projects that don’t have the inherent problems that have plagued the web2 ecosystem. The MADOG ecosystem is one promising project attracting a lot of attention. The META FI project harnesses the power of AR and VR to deliver a unique metaverse experience consisting of several micro verses.

The ecosystem is powered by the next-generation decentralized finance (Defi) meme currency and is built on a rug-proof ERC20 Token on Ethereum Blockchain. This ensures all transactions are secure, transparent, and truly decentralized. Cutting-edge technology helps create stunning graphics, and community-friendly features such as low transaction costs are attracting a lot of attention from investors across the globe.

Moreover, the meme token lives up to the democratic philosophies envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto and allows holders to exercise their governance on all aspects of the web3 decentralized network. As opposed to other coins, MADOG is a premium utility token that enjoys recognition and value amongst the p2e gaming community and helps them create multiple streams of passive income. 

Speaking on occasion, a representative for the company said, “We’re ecstatic to launch MADOG, the next-generation metaverse. The platform is perfect for meme lovers and has an easy-to-use interface. We believe that the platform has the potential to change the way people think about decentralized finance. Our team is committed to delivering a world-class experience in the metaverse.”

The team behind the project consists of blockchain specialists, digital artists, techies, developers, strategic advisors, and an anonymous group of investors with a track record of delivering successful projects.

The spokesperson explained the metaverse, “Visualize a place that rewards a person for simply living out different aspects of their life. Users in the ecosystem can create unique avatars (NFTs) with superpowers in the multiverse app. They will be able to earn as they move through their daily routine and keep collecting rewards in their native currency (MADOG) for things like sleeping, traveling, driving, walking, and running.” 

The ecosystem also has the NFT DAO Series, an enlistment of 540 unique NFTs under an ERC 720 contract that helps elect the parliament of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Regular parliament meet-ups and IRL events will help to decide the community’s future democratically.

The community project is currently in the IO phase, with a detailed roadmap on its site. People who have inquiries and want to ally can reach out to them by emailing Those interested in learning more about the project can read the white paper on their site.

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