Book Spine Publishing Adds to their Range of Self-publishing Offerings

Book Spine Publishing Adds to their Range of Self-publishing Offerings

London-based self-publishing solutions providers, Book Spine Publishing, announce upgrades to their services for enhanced client experience 

The team at Book Spine Publishing continues to deliver top-notch solutions to help writers bring their work to life. Book Spine Publishing has grown over the past decade to become the go-to solutions providers for hundreds of writers wanting to reach their target audience. In a related development, Book Spine Publishing has announced upgrades to its publishing and marketing services, bringing the latest strategies in the literary world to its diverse authors across different genres.

The literary world has undoubtedly witnessed a series of evolution over the years, thanks to the emergence of writers in different parts of the world to create content for readers. One of the major challenges faced by thousands of authors is publishing their works to their audience. According to a report published by, the global book publishers market was valued at $84.54 billion in 2021. The report also projected the market size to hit $105.27 billion in 2026, with the sales of eBooks significantly contributing to the numbers as technological advancements as well as the emergence of several online platforms helping to drive the market. While a plethora of publishing solutions and companies have emerged to meet the needs of authors, more needs to be done to help writers get their works out, especially as self-publishers. Consequently, Book Spine Publishing is looking to change the narrative for as many writers as possible by providing the latest marketing techniques to writers.

Book Spine Publishing offers a wide range of services, including book evaluation, ISBN assignment, and copyright registration. Other categories of services by Book Spine Publishing are editorial such as ghostwriting and content editing as well as basic and advance cover designing, illustrations, eBook, interior page layout, and high resolution images. Book Spine Publishing also provides different types of marketing services, such as press release campaign, online marketing, cinema advertising, book reviews, TV and radio advertising, and a host of others.

The comprehensiveness of the services offered as well as the relative affordability and quality have endeared Book Spine Publishing to thousands of writers over the past ten years. Book Spine Publishing adopts a unique approach to self-publishing, taking charge of the entire process as required by client. The company enables writers to leverage the latest technologies and strategies in the self-publishing world to reach a global audience.

In addition to helping authors to reach their audience, Book Spine Publishing ensures that writers do not give up the ownership of their intellectual property. This is unlike traditional publishing, where writers lose their ownership rights of their book. Writers can also publish their work with any other publishing company, sell the rights to a movie company, or use the material as they so desire.

Writers enjoy from the expert content evaluation that helps to put the work in the right standard without altering the content of the book. The user-friendliness of the process adopted by Book Spine Publishing that enables experienced writers and newbies to get onboard in few easy steps and take their writing career to the next level is one of the standout features of the company.

Book Spine Publishing has grown in popularity over the past decade, partnering with thousands of authors in different parts of the world. The books from authors of Book Spine Publishing can be found on thousands of online retail platforms, including the major names such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, INGRAM, Kobo, and a host of others. The decision to constantly upgrade its offerings is to ensure that authors and other categories of clients do not lag in terms of the latest self-publishing solutions. Book Spine Publishing has also stayed true to its commitment of combining quality with relative affordability, ensuring that writers do not have to give an arm and a leg to publish their works.

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