NFT Project, Rekt Bull, To Launch Dual Form NFT And An Integrated Marketplace For Digital And Traditional Art

The mainstream art market is the next frontier for crypto art’s push for mass adoption, according to Rekt Bull, an NFT project originally spun off as a meme of the crypto market blood bath.

Crypto art’s next moon shot is not in the copycat comic book NFTs, but its ability to tap into the wider mainstream art market, says Jataatroon, the pseudonymous co-founder of Rekt Bull.

The aggregate mainstream art sales for 2021 was US$ 61 billion, six times the current NFT market cap.

“There are intrinsic strengths in the art that go beyond pure speculation. We need to bring real art and real value to the crypto art space if crypto art is to become anything more than a pump and dump,” he adds.

Jayaatroon and two other co-founders began working on a memefied NFT project after the crypto market capitulation in 2022 that led to cascading liquidations, in which Jayaatroon himself suffered. Since then, the project has expanded its mission to be a bridge between crypto art and traditional art.

According to the project whitepaper, Rekt Bulls are introducing two key innovative products: a dual art form NFT and an integrated marketplace for NFT and traditional art.

Rekt Bull NFT and Silk Screens

Rekt Bll NFTs are a collection of 9,999 proverbially rare original art inspired by Pop art style; fashionable accessories inspired by Met Gala, with 200 rarities and seven layers of art.

They are called dual-form artwork because they can exit on the Blockchain as digital art or as an Andy Warhol-inspired Silk Screen print on canvas.

Each Silkscreen print is a representation of an underlined unique NFT. When the NFT is ‘burnt’ into a Silk Screen, it ceases to be digital art, therefore removed from circulation and moved to the Rekt Bull repository, resulting in supply depletion. NFTs and silkscreen prints can be traded in the Rekt Bull integrated marketplace.

Integrated Market Place

Rekt Bull’s integrated marketplace would be the first of its kind in the crypto art space, catering to both digital and traditional art.

It offers a robust set of tools for the creators and teams to launch NFTs and for buyers and sellers to create and fill orders.

The creators of traditional art can showcase their artwork in ensuite Online viewing Rooms (OVR), sell, auction, use Rekt Bull art custody and undertake commission work.

The user participation is incentivized through the Rekt Bull Governance token, which will be airdropped to the Rekt Bull NFT holders and early adopters of the marketplace.

The Rekt Bull NFT would have its public mint in the Ethereum blockchain in 2023 Q1. The marketplace will be launched in 2023 Q3.

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