Teach Children Leadership Through Writing With Atlas Aultman’s Leaders-KIT

An innocent question, asked by a curious child, paved the way for success and fulfillment for this father and son duo. Atlas Aultman, former White House, Ex-Special Ops, and elite military team leader, was driving with his son when he asked, “Dad, how do I make money?”  Aultman’s response to his son’s seemingly simple question led this top 150 semi-finalist at a national speaking competition to begin his own children’s book series.

A dedicated father, Aultman started by writing a book for his son based on a topic he knew very well – leadership. One book turned into three and by age 15, Aultman’s son was the editor of the number one bestseller on AmazonTM. Since then, they have sold thousands of books and counting.

This is where Aultman decided to share his new found knowledge and experience in writing and publishing books with others. He believes that there is a huge scope for writing books on pertinent topics for children like growth mindset, leadership, teamwork and resilience. He crafted an offer to allow parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone to share their unique leadership styles, lessons and stories through books. With his coaching program, Leaders-KIT,  people can write and publish their book in 29 days or less.

Aultman states that “A recent Arizona pre-school study revealed that an average pre-schooler asks between 100-200 questions a day. That’s 10 times the amount of an average adult. Children’s lessons bring you back to a youthful learning mindset when writing. You’ll discover that once you write a kids book, you know your topic at an expert level. I always like to say “If your life lesson is clear enough to entertain a child, you possess the knowledge, communication skills, and ability to teach that lesson to anyone.”

With Aultman’s status as an AmazonTM bestseller, writing with him as a mentor will add authority to anyone’s authorship, while also enabling them to preserve their legacy to transcend generations.

Countless studies show that a lot of people want to write books. Leaders-KIT is a straightforward process that will help aspiring book authors with guidance and proven strategies.

To learn more about Atlas Aultman and Leaders-KIT, visit (www.Leaders-KIT.com).

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