New book “Total Wellness” by Rikimah Glymph is released, an approach for Millennials & Gen Z to build wellness, balance, and the agency to make positive life changes

New book "Total Wellness" by Rikimah Glymph is released, an approach for Millennials & Gen Z to build wellness, balance, and the agency to make positive life changes

“Total Wellness: A Millennial and Gen Z Guide to Living a More Balanced Life” by Rikimah Glymph has been released worldwide. This powerful, 214-page book takes a holistic and practical approach to wellness with a specific focus on the modern challenges facing Millennials and Gen Z, who make up the largest portion of the U.S. labor force and are raising their own children in an unstable and precarious climate.

From wage stagnation to the laying bare of institutional racism, misogyny, homophobia, and ableism, to working within the framework of hustle culture, the Millennial and Gen Z generations have their own unique relationship with wellness. This book speaks directly to these challenges and creates an inclusive, holistic approach to wellness and balance.  

Drawing from her own journey navigating life, work, and parenting, Glymph combines personal insights and experiences with her own research around wellness to create impactful wellness approaches. While the book speaks specifically to Millennials and Gen Z, the concepts of intersectional, self-actualized wellness apply to anyone struggling with giving themselves care and space to reflect. 

As a Black woman working in movement spaces, Rikimah has curated a wellness approach that is inclusive of people who are routinely left out of wellness discourse, and who face unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges in our society. The book doesn’t just lay out a prescribed set of rules, but asks readers to reflect on the various parts of their wellness and how to keep them in balance. Total Wellness encourages readers to actively participate in creating their own wellness. 

Empowered to make decisions about their own wellness and inspired to take control of their habits, mindset, and journey, readers can use this engaging, relatable approach to find the right wellness journey for them.

Total Wellness: A Millennial and Gen Z Guide to Living a More Balanced Life (ISBN: 9781662928307) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $11.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

Living in a rapidly changing world, Millennials and Generation Z are struggling to find balance in life: balance between the professional and the personal, between friends and family, and between relaxation and realizing their future goals or finding their life purpose. The expectations society puts on them are stifling, and their well-being is suffering because of it-but it doesn’t have to be this way.

This book is dedicated to helping the younger generations overcome their wellness challenges and find their unique life balance, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Through comprehensive explanations of emotional, physical, environmental, social, and even spiritual wellness, Total Wellness provides a step-by-step guide to improving the lives of younger generations as they take the first steps to independence. They, as we all, need all the background knowledge they can get to help them prepare for the bright but unpredictable future ahead of them.

About the author:

Rikimah Glymph is the Founder and CEO of BWell365, a wellness brand that provides resources and creates spaces for deep reflection and autonomy to drive sustainable and impactful wellness outcomes. As Founding Partner of Glymph Consulting, LLC., a consulting firm that focuses on business infrastructure development and mentoring, as well as individual wellness, Rikimah Glymph is a writer, mentor, and advocate for equal rights and opportunity. With over a decade of experience affecting change in both the political and civil worlds, Rikimah has served as the Chief of People & State Operations for Bernie 2020 and as the Global Director of People Operations for Dimagi. Rikimah has a B.A. in History, an MBA, and a Master’s in Project Management-but, most importantly, she has a passion for improving the lives of those around her. While her experiences have positioned her to have in-depth knowledge and firsthand understanding of what others might need, Rikimah’s heart is what led her to write Total Wellness. She knows all too well the everyday challenges younger generations face growing up in a rapidly changing world, and she strives to improve their well-being with this book. She hopes it will challenge them to think outside of their comfort zones and to help them create innovative solutions necessary for change.

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