Bonker: A Memecoin Set To Launch And Worthy to Explore in 2023

Every once in a while, a new blockchain project becomes the most trending topic in the entire industry and ignites another wave of gold rush. 2022 is not the best year in human history, it is painted by a protracted war, a global pandemic as well as a volatile market in which many retail investors have lost most of their assets. Bonker is a new meme project on BSC that says “goodbye” to 2022 and “hello” to 2023.

Bonker started out as a group of crypto enthusiasts who despise the practices of market manipulation. As the name implies, the project is a soft-fork of Bonk, which pumped 46x in one week. Behind the Bonker project is a group of grassroot influencers and an organic fan base, all striving toward a common goal, that is to take over the market from the manipulative KOLs. Most of the early community members and developers came from Bonk. Project with an existing fan-base usually indicates a promising early spike in token price. Although cryptocurrency started out as a decentralized finance, the market sentiments are centralized into the hands of a few influencers in the racket.

Bonker’s ecosystem is constructed upon Bonker NFT and $BONKER token, which comes with many utilities and earning potentials. The NFTs, which are club-holding dogs, allow community members to participate in Play-to-Earn as well as NFT mining to obtain $BONKER tokens. According to its 2023 roadmap, the Play-to-Earn will be available in the first quarter this year, featuring Bonker NFTs fighting in fierce battle against CZ, Elon Musk, SBF and other so-called “villains”. This is the first time that a meme project actually attempts to visualize its culture and bring in GameFi elements. The project lead recently shared his thoughts on Telegram saying that the play-to-earn is exclusive to community members instead of being marketed to a wider audience. In other words, the Play-to-Earn at Bonker is more of a giveaway to community members and the team is planning on dedicating 15% of the $BONKER tokens to it as reward.

Although the project seems to be filled with cynicism and indignation at first glance, the team actually listed out several ambitious plans in which the project’s popularity and fund can be used to empower the entire BSC ecosystem. As almost a non-profit project, 50% of the $BONKER total supply will be distributed to the community for free, with 25% given to 60 selected BSC startup projects with great potentials and the rest 25% distributed to Bonker’s NFT holders.

Bonker project is brave enough to challenge the notorious few at the top. Any project that is controversial is good for its growth, because it will quickly become a hot topic and trend for all. The presale of Bonker is scheduled for January 25th, 2023, and it is always better to get in earlier before others begin to FOMO.

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