IQibla Zikr1: The World’s First Tasbeeh Smart Ring with Digital Alarm Clock and Bluetooth 5.1

IQibla Zikr1: The World's First Tasbeeh Smart Ring with Digital Alarm Clock and Bluetooth 5.1

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iQibla has introduced the iQibla smart ring Zikr1. The IQibla Zikr1 is a revolutionary smart-ring device developed by iQibla. The ring has innovative designs and functions. It features built-in Bluetooth 5.1, 5 prayer time reminders via the iQibla app, a Tasbeeh smart counter, and an OLED display. In addition, it has a large battery capacity and a USB port that is compatible with computers and wall adapters.

IQibla Zikr1 is an innovative smart ring that helps Muslims find the direction of Qibla and reminds them of their prayer time. Through built-in Bluetooth, it connects to the smartphone, where users can access the iQibla app. The iQibla app displays prayer time alarms and Qibla direction information. With a large 0,49″ OLED display, users can view the time and Qibla direction at a glance. In addition, the IQibla Zikr1 features a built-in counter to count the daily Tasbeeh prayers. It has a large battery capacity, which allows users to get more than 5 days of use.

The IQibla Zikr1 is a wearable device that features a CNC button encased in a white molded zinc alloy body; it is designed to comfortably fit right on the user’s finger. When tapped, the button vibrates and emits a distinct sound, confirming that the action was carried out. It also helps track the daily tasbeeh count by keeping users informed about when they have completed 100 cycles of remembrance throughout the day. In addition to its CNC button, IQibla Zikr1 also comes with a tasbeeh counter feature that helps users keep track of their daily tasbeeh count. It will vibrate when the count reaches 33, 66, 99, or 100. Moreover, this wearable device also comes with a portable charging case that can connect to an adapter or computer via a USB port.

“We at IQibla believe that technology is an effective means to engage with our creator, Allah,” according to IQibla’s founder and CEO. “Our goal is to make practicing Islam as easy as possible for our brothers and sisters around the globe.”

IQibla is a leading technology firm. Their featured product is the IQibla Zikr1, a smart ring that assists Muslims in performing zikr (remembering Allah) and keeping track of their tasbeeh count. In addition, it has a digital alarm clock that will help people worldwide remember the timing of their prayers, which is crucial for those who live far from any mosque or cannot hear the adhan. When the time of a person’s next prayer approaches, an alarm will go off on his or her phone. The user can choose to either turn off the alarm or perform wudu (ablution) and pray. For more information, please visit

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