Karn Sharma, MD Set To Launch Game-Changing New App That Will Instantly Create a New Paradigm In The Way Businesses Can Reduce The Impact of Chronic Illnesses On Their Staff

Karn Sharma, MD Set To Launch Game-Changing New App That Will Instantly Create a New Paradigm In The Way Businesses Can Reduce The Impact of Chronic Illnesses On Their Staff
Diet is the most important variable in improving health outcomes. “Should I Eat This” provides real-time doctor and dietician-approved food recommendations based on an individual’s unique health profile. “Should I Eat This” – the App is a valuable addition to all Human Resources offerings.

Ontario, Canada – February 7, 2023 – The degree of loss of productivity due to preventable illness is staggering. In fact, $24K in average annual productivity loss per employee due to chronic illness is only the beginning. Consider that $604b of annual healthcare costs are due to diet-related illnesses, while 58% of North Americans suffer from at least 1 chronic illness. 

Clearly, there must be a more cost effective methodology that can be employed to help employees help themselves, while at the same time increasing productivity, and thus the bottom line, for their employers. This would be the ultimate “Win – Win” scenario. It is all about to change thanks to the brilliant new App created by Karn Sharma, MD. 

Should I Eat This – the App, couples modern technology with expert medical knowledge. It is easy to understand and navigate. It provides personalized dietary guidance in real-time based on a user’s unique health profile. It’s the first mobile platform that provides recommendations based on clinical research and established health guidelines. 

In addition they provide on-demand feedback from dieticians/nutritionists and have a built-in rewards program in conjunction with brands to incentivize usage and compliance. Users create their health profile including any chronic illness or dietary restrictions they may have. Users can then simply scan a product barcode and the app informs them if their healthcare professional would recommend the food for optimal health and wellbeing. 

Poorly managed chronic illness and dietary intolerance collectively costs North American businesses over $4.3 trillion per year in loss of productivity. Should I Eat This aims to fill in the knowledge gaps pertaining to diet and wellness that the public health system does not have the adequate resources for. 

The platform is democratizing personalized nutrition and providing everyone in the workforce with resources that are classically reserved for high-income earners and executives. The solution will be embedded into existing employee health and wellness plans and will be based on a tiered plan which can include subsidized access to a dietician for all employees. The result will be fewer sick days taken by employees, improved productivity, and a reduction in operations costs. The average business loses approximately $24,000 per FTE (full-time employee) and the goal is to bring that down while improving health outcomes in the workforce. 

They are launching version 1 of the program on February 24th and making it available for free for everyone in North America without any employers required to register first. 

About Dr. Karn Sharma: 

Dr. Sharma is a first-generation Canadian born and raised in a low-income neighborhood in Toronto. After completing his undergrad in economics, he subsequently went to medical school. While interacting with patients, he realized that many of their problems in accessing care were congruent with many of the barriers in his own neighborhood growing up. 

In addition to this, many of his loved-ones suffer from a chronic illness where diet is an integral part of management. Hence, after graduating, he chose to forgo his medical residency to create a solution and bring it to the world. He wanted to tackle the problem of chronic illness from outside of the healthcare setting and embed the solution into the daily lives of individuals. 

For complete information, visit: https://www.shouldieatthis.com

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