Marie-Helene Lamarre Launches EPIC Leaders Network – The New Secret Unfair Advantage – Guarantees Business Owners Hit The Targets, Look Good…Breathing

The businesswoman invests with members to “get things done” to grow their businesses with confidence and clarity into uncertain waters—and have fun doing it.

As one of the world’s leading innovations to market and business growth expert, MH Lamarre has a proven track record helping many dozens of businesses grow radically in very difficult, and highly regulated market reality.

Marie-Helene (MH) is an energy boost communicator and a leading catalyst to Expedite the deployment of innovation to the market so that we all can enjoy the energy transition and digitalization of the new era.

Her secret weapon? Decoding the “human factor” that enables integration of innovation. She is the author of the course: How to market your genius efficiently, for engineers (2009). To unite regulatory bodies, institutions, experts, investors on creative solutions; much travel around all continents were rewarded.

A common norm across the board is to get lost in the weeds instead of keeping a strategic perspective. To maintain crossed-checked, we need clarity, clarity and keep clarity. This is the foundation for EPIC Leaders Network, a new business advisory network, in DWY style to move the needle efficiently.

She recently announced her first book on Leadership to come out in the next few months; with a therapy included inside the book!

Since changes in markets and cultures are putting pressure on executive leaders, she feels a calling: “I now want to level up my reach to help 1M of impact-driven executives to change the world. Build permanent resilience to risk and adversity.”

Mrs Lamarre believes that new breeds of leaders have emerged and she is happy to let them shine in all their diversity. The 4 generations that are part of today’s workforce reveal hidden gems to build our new global economy.

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The world needs your business’ success and your business needs a successful you.

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