DJ Tai V – Connecting People through Music with His Latest EP and Mixtape

DJ Tai V, Under The Crates, is excited to announce the release of his latest EP and mixtape. Passionate about music and hip-hop culture, DJ Tai V has been putting in the work for over 100 days straight to master the craft of scratching – something he shares via his daily video recordings and posts on Instagram.TM.

The hard work paid off as DJ Tai V’s profile has been steadily increasing, culminating in being named as one of the top 10 DJs to look out for in 2021. His collaboration with up-and-coming hip-hop and R&B artists has also been going strong, with many reaching out to DJ Tai V for help to break their new music. As a result of this success, heis now officially recognized as the DJ for Musik Houston.

HIs latest release is an exciting project that brings different musicians from varying backgrounds together, through a shared love of music and hip-hop culture. With different styles from all over the world, any listener can pick up on the variety of influences in each track.

DJ Tai V’s mission through this venture is to create something unique which gives listeners access to unheard sounds – a special experience that encourages them to explore further into each artist’s discography and uncover more musical gems! It’s clear both fans and fellow musicians alike appreciate DJ Tai V’s talents, thanks to his dedication towards mastering scratching, as well as collaborating with others on tracks.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest release from Under The Crates. With DJ Tai V leading the way, there are sure to be lots of catchy beats coming our way soon.

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