EGR-Delete-Home Launches New Line of EGR and DPF Delete Kits for Diesel Vehicles

EGR-Delete-Home Launches New Line of EGR and DPF Delete Kits for Diesel Vehicles

“EGR Delete Kit”

EGR Delete Home, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of EGR and DPF delete kits for diesel vehicles. The company’s new line of deletes includes EGR delete kits for Ford, General Motors, and Chevrolet trucks and DPF delete kits for all makes and models. This new line of products builds on the success of the company’s initial product offering. An EGR delete kit designed specifically for Ford F-250 Super Duty trucks. Since the launch of the original product in 2013, thousands of satisfied customers have taken advantage of the kit’s ability to eliminate excess EGR flow and improve engine performance in their diesel trucks.

EGR Delete Kits are a powerful tool for unlocking the full potential of the diesel engine performance while saving on engine maintenance, service intervals, and fuel costs. Engines fitted with EGR Delete Kits have seen performance improvements of up to 10%, which can be felt in both acceleration and increased mileage. In addition to their considerable performance benefits, EGR Delete Kits also help diesel engines last longer by preventing the buildup of soot and particulate matter that can clog the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). DPFs are designed to filter out this harmful soot but cannot do so efficiently when EGR is in the exhaust stream.

The benefits of these kits are twofold: they allow owners of diesel vehicles to enjoy increased power, efficiency, fuel economy and longevity out of their engines. They also cut emissions by up to 50%. In addition, by allowing owners of diesel vehicles to remove their emission control devices entirely, they’re making it easier for other owners to follow suit, thereby reducing the levels of air pollution in urban areas.

“As a company committed to providing consumers with high-quality products that improve vehicle performance and longevity, we remain focused on creating new designs that address emerging issues in diesel engine technology. Nowhere is this more evident than in our new line of DPF delete kits. The design process behind these kits is based on EGR Delete Home’s experience producing its popular EGR delete kit. With this background, we were able to quickly begin offering diesel customers a superior solution that allows them to take full advantage of the power, efficiency, and longevity benefits offered by DPF removal.” Said a company spokesperson.

EGR-Delete-Home is a company specializing in aftermarket parts for diesel vehicles. Their newest product, the EGR and DPF delete kits, is a line of easy-to-install products that allow users to get rid of the emission control devices on their diesel vehicles. EGR and DPF systems are designed to reduce air pollution, but they also reduce performance and efficiency and can even cause damage if they clog up with soot or fail to operate correctly. The kits are small enough to fit in a toolbox, and when installed correctly, they only take an hour or two to complete. For more information, please visit the EGR-Delete-Home website at

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