Protecting Crops from Hogs and Deer with JVA’s Dual-Fence System

JVA Monitored Fencing USA located in Texas has made great strides in the realm of crop protection, with this innovative solution.  

The company has successfully installed one crop protection fence, which has proven to be effective in safeguarding crops from deer and hogs.  

The customer’s satisfaction with the performance of this fence prompted JVA to supply five more systems, further expanding their reach.

One of the key factors that sets JVA’s crop protection fences apart from other solutions is their electrified solar-powered dual-fence system. This innovative system provides a powerful and eco-friendly solution for crop protection, making it an excellent choice for farmers and landowners who are conscious of their impact on the environment. 

The electrified dual-fence system is powered by solar energy, meaning that it is self-sufficient and requires no external power source.

Another important aspect of JVA’s crop protection fences is their cost-saving and safety benefits. By keeping critters out of crops, farmers and landowners can avoid costly damages to their crops and ensure that the crops are hygienic and safe for consumption. 

The temporary nature of these fences also means that they can be moved to other lands once the crops have been harvested, allowing for cost-efficient protection.

In conclusion, JVA Monitored Fencing’s electrified solar-powered dual-fence system is a game-changer in the world of agriculture.  

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and cost-saving benefits sets them apart from the competition and is a testament to their dedication to providing the best possible solution for crop protection. 

The success of the first fence and the supply of five more systems is proof that JVA is on the right track, and the expectation is to see more of their innovative solutions in the future.

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