Legendurn has launched New Biodegradable Urn made of Brewers’ spent grain to help meet the demand for sustainable urns across the planet

The urns help people to ensure their funerals reflect their life philosophy of environmental protection.

A growing number of people are trying to live out their lives in a way that is harmonious with the environment. However, sometimes families are not able to carry this legacy forward when the person passes away, and they end up using conventional urns that have a high risk of heavy metal release that causes environmental damage. This is where a leading provider of keepsake urns for ashes, Legendurn, is trying to help. They have recently released a biodegradable burial urn for ashes that meets the growing demand for sustainable urns.

The biodegradable burial urns for ashes are made from 99% BSG, which is a residue from malted barley used to make beer. This collection has not only been developed with the minimum possible ecological footprint but also form a combination of exclusive quality and design. This helps family members to pay homage to the legacy of their loved ones during the funeral proceedings. Their new biodegradable urns are made from natural materials, including bamboo, recycled paper, and cornstarch, and are designed to break down naturally with time.

Talking to the media about the launch of their urn biodegradable, a representative for the company said, “We are proud to be a part of the mourning process for families and helping meet their demand for sustainable options when it comes to honouring their loved ones. Our biodegradable urns reduce the harmful effects of metal toxicity from urns on the environment. We also offer customization to help families remember the people they adored so much”.

The biodegradable urns are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can also be customized. To further facilitate customers, they have fast delivery processes, with average deliveries taking about five working days. To further facilitate clients, they have no minimum order sizes. They also provide pet cremation urns for ashes, baby cremation urns for ashes, infant cremation urns for ashes, grave decorations, and cremation jewellery.

People interested in purchasing their biodegradable urn for ashes  can visit their website today: https://www.legendurn.com/.

About the company

Legendurn is a leading provider of eco-friendly funeral products based out of the Netherlands. They offer a range of products to help honour the memory of loved ones. The products include pet cremation urns for ashes, baby cremation urns for ashes, infant cremation urns for ashes, grave decorations, and cremation jewellery. 

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