Clover Living Launches Innovative Children’s Wall Desk on Kickstarter

Clover Living, an Amsterdam-based company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its innovative Wall Desk, a beautiful Dutch-designed children’s furniture piece that brings style and functionality to any home.

The Wall Desk by Clover Living is not just another piece of furniture; it is a design-oriented alternative to regular children’s furniture that can be customized to match your home’s decor while providing a world of fun and creative exploration for your child. 

Julie Westrik (co-founder): “As young mothers, Carly and I were looking for children’s furniture that is not only fun for children but that you as a parent can also style yourself so that it looks good in your interior. We couldn’t find that anywhere; it was often ‘plastic fantastic’ or very expensive.

The Wall Desk comes in three beautiful contemporary colors: Alfie Almond, Olly Olive, and Pippa Peach, making it easy to express your style without sacrificing playtime for your children. The desk’s magnetic accessories, available in fairy and pirate themes, add a touch of magic to the learning experience, making it fun and educational.

Clover Living has designed the Wall Desk to be durable and versatile, with a sturdy seat that is strong and wide enough to seat two children, so they can have fun together. The desk’s underside hides two raisers that can easily be slid under the feet, enabling it to be used from toddler to teenager.

The Wall Desk is easy to assemble, and the magnetic click system means that making changes to your Wall Desk design or connecting two Wall Desks to each other is easy peasy. When playtime is over, simply store any extra toys or accessories in the smart storage space inside the stool, and place it under the desktop.

“Marijn Maas (co-founder): “This Kickstarter campaign exceeds all our expectations. The furniture industry is quite traditional, and a successful Kickstarter campaign for children’s furniture was rarely done. In addition, the economic situation is of course not very easy. The fact that we have received so much support from all over the world so quickly gives us confidence..”

Clover Living’s Kickstarter campaign goal is to raise $21,103, and they have already exceeded it with $35,234 in pledges. The campaign will run until April 06, 2023, and interested people can still pledge to the campaign.

Perks for supporters of the Clover Living Kickstarter campaign include early bird discounts, bundle deals, and free magnetic accessories with purchase. By supporting the campaign, backers can bring style and functionality to their home while encouraging their child’s creativity and imagination. 

To support Clover Living’s Kickstarter campaign and help bring the Wall Desk to homes worldwide, visit their Kickstarter page and make a pledge today.

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