MWC23 Review: ZTE Showcases Innovative 5G Technologies, Products & Solutions

The MWC23 has just ended with that many industry leaders taking the stage and presenting their vision of the future of connectivity. During the MWC23, ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, successfully showcased its latest 5G innovations and cutting-edge technologies. With the theme of “Shaping Digital Innovation”, the ZTE exhibition area attracted a lot of attention from industry experts, business partners, and customers alike. During the four-day event, ZTE demonstrated a wide range of 5G-enabled applications across multiple industries, highlighting the transformative power of 5G in driving digital innovation and empowering the digital transformation of various industries.

MWC23 Review: ZTE 5G Technology Advancements

ZTE has launched the all-scenario 5G UniSite solution plus several innovative products. The company aims to assist operators construct a future-oriented, simple, efficient, and all-band collaborating 5G network. ZTE products include the 12TR tri-sector UBR (Ultra Broadband Radio) for a simple site solution, high-power serial UBR for RAN sharing, a vast antenna array AAU for ultra-large capacity, mmWave ultra-large bandwidth AAU and MiCell for more scenarios, and iEasylink multi-band backhaul and MBS to improve reliability and distance.

Specifically, ZTE 12TR tri-sector Ultra Broadband Radio (UBR) is a unique and innovative solution that simplifies site deployment and operation, reduces costs, and improves network performance for mobile network operators. ZTE serial UBR products are designed to fulfill the high-power, multi-band, and easy-deployment necessities of RAN sharing in the 5G era. These products enable integration of multiple frequency bands, diversified transmission power, and power resource sharing among wide and varied frequency bands on demand. The 1.8GHz plus 2.1GHz plus 2.6GHz tri-band UBR offers the largest transmission power in the industry, while the tri-band UBR that combines the 900MHz, 1.8GHz, and 2.1GHz FDD bands allows for the utilization of the three most commonly used bands while requiring a minimal amount of space on the tower.

ZTE has also launched an ultra-large capacity antenna array (AAU) for the Sub-6GHz band with 128TR and 384 antenna elements to boost coverage and capacity in dense urban areas. The 128TR AAU can enhance coverage by 3dB and support 32 downlink and 24 uplink data streams, achieving a cell peak throughput of 10Gbps and improving cell average throughput and edge user experience. More details of these new advancements can be found on ZTE’s official website.

MWC23 Review: ZTE Sustainable and Efficient Solutions

At MWC23, ZTE Corporation showcased a range of simplified, energy-saving green solutions. The company demonstrated in-depth insights on digital full connectivity, green ICT, and integration of real data with new scenarios to build a minimalist, green, low-carbon and efficient telecommunication network. ZTE end-to-end green solutions for wireless sites and data centers were the highlight of the event. The company’s PowerPilot energy-saving solution has already been deployed by over 900,000 sites globally, saving 1 billion kWh of electricity annually. 

Meanwhile, ZTE has launched several solutions and products for liquid cooling, pre-fabricated high-power power modules, and intelligent AI management to construct a “new-generation data center”. ZTE has achieved a large-scale progress in domestic operators and internet markets and has provided customized solutions for customers worldwide, covering Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and other countries.

Moreover, ZTE has released the Green 5GC White Paper at MWC23, which aims to help operators build green networks and promote low-carbon transformation in various industries. The paper analyzes the essential factors that influence the green transformation of the core network and figures out the direction and objectives of the transformation. It also describes efficiency-improving and energy-saving  technologies at all levels, such as network elements, infrastructure, and O&M. ZTE has presented its Turbo Core Solution plus four types of FAC (function accelerator cards) at the exhibition to improve the resource efficiency of sustainable green 5GC and maximize energy efficiency every watt.

MWC23 Review: ZTE New Product and Solution Releases

ZTE has collaborated with Leia Inc., which is a top 3D-AI technology developer, to introduce a novel product called the nubia Pad 3D, which is the first-ever 3D-AI tablet in the world. This new product is part of the Nubia brand’s ecological range of products and features embedded technology that provides immersive 3D experiences without the need for eyewear, including calling, streaming, gaming, content sharing, and creation applications. The company also showcased various other exciting products at the Mobile World Congress 2023, such as Nubia’s initial AR eyewear named nubia Neovision Glass, and a variety of intelligent ecological products.

At MWC23, ZTE also unveiled its uSmartNet 2.0 autonomous network solution, which helps accelerate digital transformation and reduce operating expenses through automation. This solution focuses on ubiquitous connections, agile operation, and intelligent O&M, and provides multiple layers of single-domain autonomy, intelligence, and cross-domain collaboration for agile service-driven closed-loop networks. It introduces the digital twin technology and intent-based engine to allow operators to realize zero-wait service provisioning and optimize the life cycle of service assurance. The solution has served around 80+ partners and over 100 global practices.

Additionally, ZTE has introduced a product solution that supports three generations of PON technologies – 50G PON, 10G GPON, and GPON, at MWC23. The solution is equipped with an independent wavelength stacking mechanism that shares the same platform and ODN, which helps operators in rapid and flexible provisioning of high-bandwidth services, simplifying network construction, and lowering deployment costs. This solution is designed to solve the issues of large space occupation in central offices, high construction costs, difficult O&M and complex optical fiber cabling during the evolution from GPON to 10G GPON and next to 50G PON. It’s also a development of the Combo PON concept, and is considered an innovative solution for the successful evolution from GPON to 50G PON.

Overall, at MWC23, ZTE showcased its latest innovative solutions and products, demonstrating its strength and leadership in the 5G. From the world’s first 3D-AI tablet, innovative uSmartNet 2.0 solution, to the Combo PON product solution and Green 5GC White Paper, ZTE has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with 5G technology. With a strong focus on research and development, ZTE is well-positioned to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation and empower industries across the globe.

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