‘Great White Throne Judgment’: Drama Pic With Eric Roberts, Ciara Hanna, Vincent M. Ward, Mike Finn, John Dugan Is Set For Production In Mid April

Eric Roberts is set to star in “Great White Throne Judgment” directed by Johnny Reeves (Child Of Love, Domme). Filming is set to start in mid April. The film is being produced by Bright Morning Star Films producers Joan Uselman, Jack Hager, Johnny Reeves, Weiss Night, Nicholas Lee, Steven Davis and Michael Giancana. Production will be handled by Paradestormer Productions a Nashville based production company. Great White Throne Judgment will be Directed and DP’d by the Btwins Johnny Reeves and Weiss Night (Domme, Child Of Love, Sherwood).

Eric Roberts (Babylon, Runaway Train, The Dark Knight) will play a preacher Jeremiah troubled by a drug problem who has ties with a biker club the Devils Deeds. The MC consist of Mike Finn (Young Rock, Black Lightning) will portray Travis a biker turning a new leaf, and James Stokes (Voorhees Night Of The Beast, Adrenaline) playing Sly the VP holding the club together. Ciara Hanna (Star’s Fell in Alabama, Power Rangers Megaforce) is set to portray Lauren a Pre-Med student with a rough backstory.

The film being a drama will have some faith based tie in’s as angels oversea the lives of these characters. The angels Keshawn Lee Kinslow (One More Dream, Trap City, Child Of Love) takes on the role of Yuri an angel on vacation walking the earth.Vincent M. Ward (Walking Dead, Amber Road) plays the angel of death Azreal who watch over humanity trying to steer them towards path of hope. The story is based on the biblical events of Revelation 20 The Great White Throne Judgment. John Dugan (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Texas Chainsaw, The Macabre) will play God weighting the scales of these characters in their final judgment.

This will be the second film co-produced by Paradestormer Productions and Bright Morning Star Films. Executive Producer/Producer Jack Hager (Child Of Love) Producers Joan Uselman (Sherwood, Red Forrest, Child Of Love), Michael Giancana (Child Of Love).

Roberts is repped by Triple E, Hanna by Established Artist

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