ArmadaBoost offers discounts on New World Power Leveling

The prominent WoW boosting store ArmadaBoost offers discounts on New World power leveling based on your current progress. Customers who have already started their journey to the maximum level, can expect to get a better price on their power leveling with ArmadaBoost. The shop’s representatives give a comment on how it works and what other benefits their service has – find it below.

Who is eligible for the discount?

The discount is available for these categories of players:

  • You have already started leveling up your character
  • You purchase power leveling boosts for several characters at once
  • You have in-game power-ups that can make the boost faster

If you belong to any of them, make sure to get in touch with the customer support of the store to learn more about the special offer and get a discount. The easiest way to get this price cut is by purchasing a level boost for a character whose current level is above 1. The closer it is to 60, the less you can expect to pay. All those special offers are not available all the time – stay tuned to never miss them. You can do that by subscribing to ArmadaBoost’s newsletter on their website.

What other advantages does New World power leveling have?

Apart from being flexible in terms of its pricing, NW power levelings offered by ArmadaBoost are also highly customizable and very useful. To be precise, they can help you significantly speed up such a tedious activity as leveling up your character. With the help of the additional options that you can find on the boost’s page you can also get more value from this product. For example, you can have your trade skill leveled up alongside your character’s level. The choice of options is also quite vast.

Why is ArmadaBoost worth your attention when it comes to NW level boosts?

The pricing offered by ArmadaBoost is impressive mainly thanks to their competition monitoring techniques. They update their prices several times a week to make sure that they stay ahead of most other prominent shops. You can be sure that you always get a bargain when shopping at ArmadaBoost. Another important advantage is their customer support. It’s active 24/7 and you will always be able to get prompt and informative answers for all your questions. You can also request additional customizations for your New World leveling right in the direct chat with customer support. Visit the product’s dedicated page to see it yourself and learn more about its features by following the link below:

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