Author Charli Mcbride Presents “Self Love Shadow Work”: A Groundbreaking Guide To inner Transformation

Self Love Shadow Work: A Book That Helps Discover Transformation and Empowerment

Michigan, United States – August 9, 2023 – Renowned author, international speaker, and Shamanic Master Mentor Charli McBride has unveiled her latest literary masterpiece, “Self Love Shadow Work.” In this transformative book, McBride combines shamanic practices with a unique self-help approach to empower readers to reprogram their internal thinking and embrace their true potential.

In “Self Love Shadow Work,” Charli McBride seamlessly blends shamanic practices with a unique self-help methodology, offering readers a transformative guide to reprogram their internal thinking and unlock their fullest potential. Drawing from her diverse expertise in spirituality, psychology, and shamanic perspectives, Dr. McBride presents a groundbreaking approach that liberates individuals from the chains of their past and guides them toward becoming the best version of themselves.

With a wealth of experience as the author of the best-seller “Life with Spirit: A Guide for the Newly Awakened,” Dr. Charli McBride reaffirms that one’s past wounds do not define their future. Her latest work provides a comprehensive roadmap to breaking free from limitations, cultivating self love, and embracing profound personal growth. Readers will not only gain profound insights into the intricacies of their energy and identity, but they will also be equipped with practical tools to implement transformative changes across every facet of their lives. Through step-by-step guidance, “Self Love Shadow Work” empowers readers to navigate their unique paths to self-awareness, authenticity, and a stronger connection with the world around them.

Charli McBride’s core philosophy, encapsulated by the statement “There are many paths to metaphysics, and all of those paths lead to one destination…the truth of who you are,” serves as the guiding principle of her work. “Self Love Shadow Work” fulfills this promise by guiding readers toward revealing their genuine selves, fostering deeper connections, and achieving unprecedented alignment and fulfillment. “Self Love Shadow Work” is available now on Amazon, and readers are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Charli McBride, a distinguished educator, delves into esoteric and occult wisdom. Her teenage near-death experience ignited a journey into metaphysical studies. Driven by a profound calling, she shares her knowledge and gifts. A doctorate holder and Ordained Minister, Charli excels in Demonology, Psychic-Mediumship, and energy work. Her journey encompasses Indigo School of Magick, Roanoke University of Metaphysics, and collaborations with industry luminaries. With decades dedicated to Shamanic-infused practices, Charli champions an accessible, grounded approach to metaphysics. Her evidence-based method empowers the metaphysical community. Notably, she authored the best-seller “Life with Spirit: A Guide for the Newly Awakened.”

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