Got Spice? Podcast: A Journey from Corporate to Creativity

In an era of content saturation, few stories stand out quite like that of Kirti Naik and Gregory Yates. These two self-made professionals, with a combined wealth of experience across various sectors including entertainment, financial services, and fintech, are the dynamic duo behind the Got Spice? Podcast. This journey not only explores their professional expertise but also sheds light on an incredible love story that transcends cultural boundaries.

Kirti and Gregory’s chance encounter at a conference 12 years ago set them on an unexpected trajectory. From serendipitous meetings and a deep friendship, they went on to become bandmates, with Greg on production, drums, and guitar and Kirti lending her vocals. What followed was an indescribable love so profound they braved societal norms to be together. This tale resonates deeply with their belief that happiness is a pursuit and not something that just lands on you.

But what makes their journey so fascinating? Gregory hails from an Italian/European upbringing in Greenwich, CT, and carries with him traditions from his grandparents’ homeland. As the only professional musician in his family, Greg started in a band signed to Warner music before transitioning to support his family. He also shines in athletics, holding a hockey record in his hometown. He’s a respected thought leader in the marketing, financial services, and metaverse space.

Kirti, on the other hand, is the first-generation American child of Indian immigrants. Carving her own path in a family dominated by doctors and lawyers, she shifted from being a beauty queen and TV show host to a career in marketing, always prioritizing the needs of her family. Her journey showcases determination, versatility, and the ability to adapt and evolve.

Their podcast, Got Spice?, stands as a testament to their determination to be authentic and true to themselves. Balancing the strictures of the financial industry with their creative endeavors wasn’t easy, but their unfiltered approach has garnered them immense respect and admiration. The duo has overcome numerous challenges, from navigating corporate constraints to mastering skills like film editing and design, all to ensure that their platform remains authentic.

Their wisdom is boundless. Kirti and Greg advocate for creating one’s happiness, balancing work and fun, learning continuously, and the importance of relationships. They believe in the convergence of intellect and creativity and embody this in every episode of their podcast.

As for the future? The sky’s the limit for these two. They envision their podcast scaling new heights, launching a morning show on a major network, and even rolling out merchandise and a book detailing their incredible journey.

So why should you tune in to Got Spice? Podcast? In their words, it offers “a breath of fresh air.” Their episodes cover pop culture, life, entertainment, and more with a humor-filled spin. They represent a convergence of creativity and intellect and bring a fresh perspective on life that many seek but few find.

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Their story isn’t just about love or work. It’s about resilience, determination, and the quest for genuine happiness. Kirti and Greg’s journey serves as an inspiration to many, proving that when you follow your heart and passion, magical things can happen.

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