Madison Frederick’s Untangle the Web of Narcissism Becomes The #1 International Bestselling Book

Madison Frederick’s Untangle the Web of Narcissism Becomes The #1 International Bestselling Book

I have gone from victim to victor and now help others thrive.
Untangle the Web of Narcissism, the book by Madison Frederick, has hit #1 International Bestselling status.

Untangle, the Web of Narcissism, a book by Madison Frederick, has hit bestselling status within two hours of its launch. The book then hit #1 Bestselling Status within 6 hours of launch and International Bestselling and #1 International Bestselling status within 7 hours of launch.

“I am delighted to announce that my book, Untangle the Web of Narcissism, has hit the #1 international bestselling status,” says Madison Frederick, the author of the book. “It achieved the Bestselling Status in the USA, Canada, Australia, and France for a total of 56 Best Selling Categories, including 7 of them ranking #1. The book is available right now on Amazon.”

Madison always had a strong desire to help people by sharing the tools and methods she used along her path of discovery and growth. She believes her story will instill hope in readers and inspire them to move forward.

Her book aims to give people the encouragement and courage they need to take a closer look at their work and be open to taking risks.

“Don’t give up on yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself she added. “If you are not moving forward, keep trying. You may initially feel uncomfortable because you aren’t used to the new you.”

Madison is convinced her book can be a guide and resource tool for those seeking the right answers. It can help them overcome the emotional pain and trauma they have endured. Importantly, the book helps them find solutions to crucial questions.

The author highly recommends re-reading the book for more insights.

“Often, we become aware of something that was missed the first time through. Or, as you learn more about yourself and grow, you may have more questions.”

According to the author, everyone has a unique story to share that they can only tell. It can be shared through print or actions to people who deserve to hear about it. When wisdom and knowledge are not shared, it may deprive people of the knowledge they deserve to learn.

Madison is passionate about helping people discover and change their limiting beliefs. She wants to support people in shedding the negative labels they have given themselves or have accepted the labels someone else has given them.

She has volunteered with non-profit organizations such as People Helping People. It is an organization that works with single or low-income mothers and helps them learn skills and prepare better for higher-paying positions in the workforce.

She has worked with Divorce Café, where she was part of a team that supported people by providing free services to those either going through a divorce or recently divorced.

She has also worked with the Salt Lake Junior League and Sheroes United. Madison and her team teach women at the Utah State Prison to believe in themselves and go from victim to victor.   

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About Madison Frederick

Madison Frederick is a versatile professional with expertise in various fields, such as writing, public speaking, coaching, and holistic healing. She focuses on holistic methods to address the trauma experienced during childhood and throughout adulthood. Madison holds life coaching, reiki, spiritual counseling, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) certifications. Her life’s mission is centered on transforming her mindset and finding inner peace. She advocates for emotional well-being through various approaches, including nutrition and essential oils, to enhance overall performance and happiness.

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