Asia’s Hair Restoration Hub is Emerging in Thailand

A reputable Hair Transplant Group is making headline to become Asia’s Hair Restoration Hub in Thailand. BEQ Group is headed by Mr. Pornsak Jeamsawangporn, CEO & Co-Founder. His vision is “to become the leading in hair transplantation procedures and hair and scalp wellness in Asia within 5 years”.

They are venturing into new business avenues that will complement its existing operations with the goal of becoming the world’s new Hair Restoration Hub.

Initiated in 2021, this project aims to elevate the company’s worth over $40 million by 2025.

Over a decade ago, back in 2008, they embarked on their journey in the health sector. What inspired they was the potential of medical advancements, which they believed could cater to those aiming for holistic balance in their physical well-being, leading to a healthier life and mind.

After that, they began to expand our services by integrating knowledge in sport medicine, anti-aging, homeopathy, and aesthetic dermatology to support customer groups and meet a wider range of needs. It can be said that at that time they were the leader in providing both a clinic and a medical spa in the same establishment.

With their knowledge and vision and the clear upward trend of the hair and scalp care and hair transplantation market with the small number of players in the at that time, they therefore have devoted their time, personnel, and resources to research, develop hair transplantation techniques and care and gain recognition and reputation in a short period of time.

Moreover, BEQ Group wants to create an ECO System of Hair Restoration in Thailand to increase Thai competitiveness with foreign countries. They also want to make Thailand the Asian Hair Transplantation and Hair and Scalp Care Hub to enhance the economy and generate income for the country.

They therefore established Pavicon Mediness Academy, a learning center acting as a knowledge exchange network for knowledge in this field.

The objectives of this learning center are to develop and increase the potential and expertise of physicians and physician assistants without relying on trial and error, to reduce the learning time, to be used in practice, to meet the standards and to increase customer satisfaction with the results of treatment and proper care. In addition, we also provide services for new hair transplant medical teams or clinics that are not yet ready in terms of experience and personnel.

For new physicians or entrepreneurs or those who are already in related businesses and want to expand their services in this area but are inexperienced, lack confidence, or need a consulting team, PAVICON acts as a thoughtful partner in the development, improvement and problem solving and is ready to provide support in marketing for the sustainable growth of our business network.

They recognize the importance of personnel, know-how and business development and also place an equal emphasis on medical procedures, medical equipment and medical supplies used in treatment. For this reason, Beauté Equilibrée has supported and supplied the best and suitable innovations, devices, drugs, and related equipment around the world to provide the best results for their customers. This is because, in addition to skilled physicians and physician assistants, these are the tools to achieve the best possible treatment results.

BEQ Group is committed to creating excellent expertise for the hair transplantation medical business in Thailand and also committed to building strong alliances with foreign countries or organizations with high potential for the development of knowledge and business expansion for the benefit of partners. From 2022 onwards, they have established a joint venture project to open hair transplant surgery departments in various hospitals. The aims are to establish regional hair transplant centers in all regions of Thailand and to prepare for the expansion of the project to CLMV countries.

In addition to the importance of business, BEQ Group also attaches great importance to the basic principles of human life. BEQ Group initiated the establishment of Dhamma Association Foundation supervising some Buddhist places and meditation centers with the objectives to be spiritual anchor to benefit and improve people and society on a large scale after this project is completed.

Most importantly, this project is a collaboration of all personnel in the organization and our customers in all sectors who take part in creating good deeds for public interest. They also provide supports to many other important projects to promote and support the maintenance of religion, education and quality of life for the public interest.

This is because they believe that “in addition to achieving goals, contributing to the world is equally important to the value of life”.


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