GreenSquareDC selects Schneider Electric as its technology partner to deliver highly sustainable data centers

Aiming to set a new benchmark in sustainable data centers, GreenSquareDC and Schneider Electric have teamed up to deliver GreenSquareDC’s 96MW data center in Perth

GreenSquareDC and Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, have announced a strategic partnership to deliver GreenSquareDC’s highly sustainable 96MW data center in Perth that is aimed at leading the industry in sustainability, resiliency, and cost efficiency.

With data centrers accounting for approximately four percent of Australia’s energy usage each year, GreenSquareDC sought to partner with a leader in sustainable transformation to set a new bar for data center design.

Speaking on the new partnership, Joe Craparotta, vice president of Data Centers at Schneider Electric said, “As we continue to shift to a more digital and sustainable world, the demand for data centers is rapidly increasing, so it’s important for data center operators to create sustainability roadmaps that will reduce the environmental impact of these critical assets.

“We are excited and humbled to be selected by GreenSquareDC after their assessment of the market. This exciting new flagship project will allow us to collectively pave the way to a greener, more efficient data center model.”

The new data center, named WAi1, will utilize Schneider Electric solutions to both minimize its carbon footprint, while maximizing operational efficiency. Being recognized as transformational in design, the infrastructure will meet four main criteria:

  1. Increase resilience: At a minimum, WAi1 will have the same level of resiliency, reliability, and uptime of a traditional sized data center. Through GreenSquareDC’s partnership with Schneider Electric, it will meet and aim to exceed these high levels of resiliency.
  2. Set a benchmark for sustainability: WAi1 has been specifically designed to set a new sustainability standard for the industry. The new design will deliver a considerably lower overall environmental footprint than comparable data centers, with significantly lower embodied carbon, as well as vastly reduced power and water consumption.
  3. Maintain Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Looking through the lens of GreenSquareDC owning and operating the data center, as well as its customers, the newly designed data center will have the same, if not lower, TCO as regular data centers. This will be taken over the entire lifecycle of the data center.
  4. Enable high-density AI and GPU solutions: WAi1 will be a hub for innovation, specifically designed to accommodate the growing demand for high-density AI and GPU-based computational needs.

Through its partnership with Schneider Electric, GreenSquareDC is uniquely positioned to offer scalable and affordable AI GPU-ready data center solutions. This will empower enterprises, partners, and customers at the forefront of technological innovation to not only meet but exceed their industry-specific requirements. Importantly, this is achieved without compromising on our mutual commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

By integrating cutting-edge cooling and power solutions, we ensure that even the most resource-intensive operations can be conducted with minimal environmental impact.

“Schneider Electric is a natural partner for GreenSquareDC, and we look forward to working with their expert team to help our sustainability vision for the future come to life. This collaboration marks a significant step in the data center industry, bringing the highest levels of sustainability and reliability and at a time when it’s needed the most,” added Walt Coulston, founder & CEO of GreenSquareDC.

Construction on WAi1 is slated to commence early 2024, with expected completion of the first stage in 2025 with further highly sustainable, AI enabled data centers planned across Australia and across the APAC region.

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