Marjan Has Released “Fasting Firepower” – Which is Hailed as One of The Most Insightful Books Ever Written on Fasting, Detoxification and Natural Healing

Marjan Has Released "Fasting Firepower" - Which is Hailed as One of The Most Insightful Books Ever Written on Fasting, Detoxification and Natural Healing
A motivational call to action, Fasting Firepower contains vital, detailed information on water fasts, juice fasts, grape fasts, intermittent fasts, detoxification and herbal formulas. Fasting Firepower should be required reading in every classroom,
and the cornerstone of every health library.

Billings, Montana – October 4, 2023 – Every year, there are thousands of books published in the Health & Wellness sector. Many of them just reiterate the same old information, but Fasting Firepower, by Marjan, presents a new and distinct approach to Health & Wellness. The author had an opportunity to spread his wisdom and it is changing lives.

The true worth of a book dealing with Health & Wellness is whether or not it can change peoples lives. Fasting Firepower combines science, history, spiritual wisdom and over 50 years of personal experience to bring readers one of the most insightful books ever written on fasting, detoxification and natural healing.

If one is overweight, sick, fatigued, battling a disease, debilitated, or perhaps dealing with a mystery illness, Fasting Firepower could be the most important book a person ever reads. No one should lead a debilitated life for lack of this vital information. The straightforward answers, gathered from around the world, from ancient times through today, may surprise readers, challenge readers and quite possibly transform the readers life.

During a recent interview, Marjan made these comments, “Many of today’s psychiatrists and their psychotherapies flail with futility at the stored poisons lurking in our spirits, minds and bodies. If people would only detoxify and fast, a fair percentage of the mental illness, sickness and addictions in our society would simply disappear. Fasting is spring cleaning for the mind, body and soul.”  

Reader Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what Sammie Byrd, of Vancouver, British Columbia, had to say, “Fasting Firepower should be required reading in every classroom! The historic, scientific and spiritual insights are gripping, eye-opening and inspiring. Fasting Firepower has persuaded me to maximize my health.”

This is what Agnes Carlson, a Natural Health Practitioner, had to say, “Guaranteed to improve your life. For anyone that wants honest answers to a healthier, more energetic life, do yourself a favor and read Fasting Firepower, and then let all your loved ones know. This book unapologetically exposes the corporate corruption we are all subjected to. Fasting Firepower should be read by every health practitioner in our land.”

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Marjan, author of the award winning memoir 600 Devils, walked away from an outlaw life over 40 years ago. He moved his wife and five children into the Montana wilderness where he grew his own food and became an entrepreneur, co-founding and selling a number of businesses. Marjan is now retired and has a passion for helping others, writing, natural healing and watching his 18 grandchildren grow.

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