Breaking New Ground in Entrepreneurship Education: ‘BuildYourWolfpack: Infinite Game’ Launches to Transform Entrepreneurial Mindsets

United States – 4 October, 2023 – Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of “Build Your Wolfpack: Infinite Game,” a groundbreaking live-action game that immerses players in the thrilling world of entrepreneurship. With an innovative blend of strategy, cooperation, and real-world decision-making, this game is set to revolutionize the way we explore business and collaboration.

About the Game

Build Your Wolfpack infinite Game” is not just a game; it’s a journey of entrepreneurial discovery. Designed for aspiring business leaders, strategists, and creative thinkers, this game challenges players to start with a modest sum of money (just $300 or $1) and embark on a mission to double their initial investment. Every player begins on equal footing, with the same financial resources and a burning desire to succeed.

Gameplay Highlights

Strategic Decision-Making: Players must decide whether to sell a product or service, digital or physical, and determine their target market, pricing, and marketing strategy. Each choice carries consequences that shape their entrepreneurial path.

Cooperation and Competition: “Build Your Wolfpack: infinite Game” encourages both competition and collaboration. Players can work together to achieve common goals or compete head-to-head, mirroring the real-world dynamics of entrepreneurship.

Innovative Challenges: The game’s scenarios are designed to challenge players’ creativity and adaptability, promoting out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.

Equity and Scale: The endgame is not just about winning but about turning the experience into a real business. The winner has the opportunity to create an LLC, allowing all players to partake in the equity and scale a proven concept.

Why “Build Your Wolfpack: Infinite Game”?

Real-World Skills: This game provides a practical learning experience that mirrors the complexities of entrepreneurship, making it ideal for aspiring business leaders and students.

Strategic Thinking: Players hone their decision-making skills, strategic planning, and problem-solving abilities in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Networking: “Build Your Wolfpack: Infinite Game” fosters connections, allowing players to collaborate, build relationships, and learn from one another.


“Build Your Wolfpack: Infinitte Game” is available now and can be accessed at It’s suitable for individuals, teams, or educational institutions looking to develop practical entrepreneurial skills.

About the Creators

Build Your Wolfpack, a coffee, couture, and consulting brand is the creative force behind “Build Your Wolfpack:Infinite Game.” With a passion for experiential learning and a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, the company aims to inspire the next generation of business leaders.

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