Popular Self Help Website Adds New Categories to its Arsenal of Popular How-to Articles and Videos

Triple E Holdings Ltd. keeps improving its acclaimed how-to website Waysandhow.com by constantly adding new popular categories and sub-categories to the pleasure of its loyal fans. The new additions include hundreds of videos and articles to help visitors deal with different types of issues pertaining to finance and family-related matters. Since its formal launching in October of 2011, Waysandhow.com has constantly been a thing of joy to its loyal fans and growing readers across the globe.

To meet the demand of its readers, waysandhow.com continues to impress by adding a new sub-category under “Family” to cater to those who are interested in the topic of “Pregnancy and Childbirth.” And for those seeking to learn more about finance, hundreds of articles and videos were added to create a new category called “Real Estate and Investment.” As a how-to or do-it-yourself website, Waysandhow.com believes that these hundreds of pages of articles and videos would certainly help its readers and fans alike to learn and expand their knowledge in these very crucial areas.

Due to the popularity of self help websites these days, one of the spokespeople for Waysandhow.com believes that by adding more articles and videos to this already content-rich how-to-article website, it will soon became a major hub for all who are eager to learn to do things for themselves. This do-it-yourself website currently has thousands of articles and videos in such popular categories like “Fashion,” “Food and Drink,” “Relationships,” and “Home and Garden,” as well as a how-to-videos page where you can browse and watch hundreds of do-it-yourself videos on hundreds of topics. Among the newly added videos to this website, “How to Conceive a Boy” which is under the sub-category of “Pregnancy and Childbirth,” has been a big hit with women of all ages.

While discussing the importance of these newly added articles and videos, a senior spokesperson from Triple E Holdings stated that adding the “Family and Childbirth” sub-category, as well as the “Real Estate and Investment” category was born out of mutual respect for their loyal fans and readers who demanded those topics. She also admits that, while this will please thousands of readers, she knows that thousands will be unhappy since their requested topics and categories are yet to be added. She concludes by saying that quality trumps quantity, and that they will not rush to publish articles that do not meet the standard of quality tutorial articles that Waysandhow.com is known for.

About the Company: Waysandhow.com is one of the newest, but most popular how-to or do-it-yourself websites, which has gained immense popularity in recent months. Waysandhow.com is a subsidiary of Triple E Holdings Ltd.

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