How to solve the common processing pain points of color masterbatches & filler masterbatches

Color is one of the most expressive elements, the most sensitive form element that can cause our common aesthetic pleasure. Color masterbatches as a medium for color, are widely used in various plastic products which are closely related to our daily life, adding colorful colors to our life. In addition, in plastic products, filler masterbatch also plays an important role in reducing the cost of products, improve production efficiency, enhance the rigidity of products and other aspects play an indispensable role.

Common Processing Pain Points of Color masterbatches & Filler Masterbatches:

Color masterbatch is a new type of special colorant for polymer materials. In order to make the pigment evenly dispersed in the masterbatch and no longer coagulate, enhance the weather resistance of the pigment, improve the dispersibility and coloring power of the pigment, it is often necessary to add dispersant in the process.

Filler masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler and various additives. In the production process of filler masterbatch, in order to improve the processing fluidity of the masterbatch and promote the uniform dispersion of the masterbatch in the matrix resin, dispersants are also used.

However, in the actual production process many dispersants are difficult to solve the following problems, thus causing the production cost of color masterbatches & filler masterbatches to increase:

1. Color powder agglomeration, filler agglomeration, thus affecting the final plastic products, such as products of different shades of color, the formation of many white hard particles or “clouds” on the products;

2. The accumulation of material in the mouth mold due to poor dispersion during the production of color masterbatches & filler masterbatches;

3. Insufficient coloring and color fastness of color masterbatches.

SILIKE Silicone powder S201 is a powder processing aid containing ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxanes dispersed in silica, specially developed for masterbatches, polyolefin/filler masterbatches and other masterbatches, which can greatly improve the processing properties, surface properties and dispersion of fillers in the plastics system. SILIKE Silicone powder S201 is used in masterbatches & filler masterbatches with the following advantages:

(1) More suitable for higher processing temperature than PE wax, etc;

(2) Significantly improve the coloring degree of color masterbatches;

(3) Significantly reduce the possibility of aggregation of fillers and pigments;

(4) Provide better dispersing performance for filler and color powder, so that they can be evenly dispersed in the carrier resin;

(5) Better rheological properties (fluidity, lower die pressure and extrusion torque), reducing screw slippage and die accumulation;

(6) Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs;

(7) Provide excellent thermal stability and color fastness.

In addition to masterbatches and filler masterbatches, SILIKE Silicone powder S201 can also be used in wire and cable compounds, PVC materials, engineering plastics and many other fields. A small amount of addition can significantly improve resin fluidity, mold filling performance, internal lubrication and mold release performance and production capacity, etc. When the added amount reaches 2%-5%, it can improve the lubricity, provide a lower coefficient of friction, and more excellent resistance to scratches, damages and abrasion.

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