Belize Global Media Joins Forces with Askkanwii to Unite Creative Excellence Across Belize, USA, Caribbean and Africa

Photo by Andre Bradley on location at KALOS Studios Ltd in Belize City (left to right) Nigel P. Miguel and Ousmane Ndoye

DENVER, BELIZE CITY, DAKAR – November 16, 2023 – Belize Global Media LLC (BGM) is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Askkanwii Filmmaking Hub, a Colorado non-profit organization, marking the union of creative forces to bridge the opportunities between Belize, Guadalupe, United States, and the continent of Africa.

Ousmane Ndoye, the visionary founder of Askkanwii, recently embarked on a visit to Belize to meet with Nigel P. Miguel, the founder of Belize Global Media. The purpose of this historic meeting was to establish a dynamic platform that fosters creative, technical, and business collaboration within the media and entertainment sector.

“Our collective objective is to leave a legacy for future filmmakers and musical artists who can be empowered to share their creative excellence with the world,” expressed Nigel P. Miguel, founder of Belize Global Media. The partnership aims to create a robust ecosystem that empowers BIPOC creatives to reach global audiences.

During his visit, Ousmane Ndoye participated in the Indigenous Filmmaker’s panel at the 2023 Belize International Film Festival, where he shared his inspiring journey from Senegal to Colorado. In Colorado, Ndoye established a film educational program, connecting filmmakers throughout the diaspora, exemplifying the power of global collaboration in the film industry.

“We are about connecting people and their stories beyond borders. We believe that this partnership will elevate the rich talents and stories that already exist within our own communities,” shared Ndoye. “We look forward to creating pathways for others to follow in the industry.”

In an exclusive interview with Analia Perera, a reporter on BGM’s original show, ‘Kids, News Network (KNN),’ filmed on location at KALOS Studios Ltd., Ousmane Ndoye discussed the mission and vision of Askkanwii, emphasizing the importance of nurturing talent and fostering cross-cultural exchange.

Gerald Wiggins, Head of Music Production and Distribution at BGM, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to explore the opportunities to promote musicians from Africa and Belize.” At BGM, the motto is “Produced in Belize and made for the World,” reflecting their commitment to producing content that resonates globally.

This partnership between Askkanwii and BGM signifies a transformative step forward in the global entertainment landscape. Both entities are poised to become true change agents, facilitating meaningful connections and empowering creative voices on a global scale. “This meeting was birthed when I met Ousmane at SeriesFest 2023 and I am excited to see what we can contribute to Colorado’s talented filmmakers and beyond”, says Kevin Shand, founder of Pedras Productions.

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About Belize Global Media LLC (BGM):

Founded in 2023, Belize Global Media LLC (BGM) is designed to be a hub for local and international creatives to stimulate, promote and distribute media content for the Belize entertainment market and beyond.

About Askkanwii Filmmaking Hub Incubator:

Askkanwii Filmmaking Hub Incubator is a 501(C)3 organization located in Denver, Colorado, USA, catering to underrepresented communities, both local and abroad. It was established by Ousmane Ndoye in 2013 with a vision to impart education to help shape tomorrow’s content creators, artists, and filmmakers.

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