Aerodoc Publishes a Free Guide to Exporting Technology to the World

The Miami-based logistic company, specialized in Importer of Record services, unveils a comprehensive white paper on global expansion strategies. The company experts explain, step by step, how to transport Tech products to more than 170 territories, even where companies have no legal entity.

Aerodoc Inc, leading integrated logistics provider specializing in Importer of Record services, announces the release of a new white paper, titled “How to Extend Your Global Reach with Importer of Record.” This comprehensive guide, authored by company experts, sheds light on the intricacies of global expansion, emphasizing the pivotal role of Importer of Record (IOR) services in reaching over 170 territories worldwide.

The white paper aims to disclose the Importer of Record service and illustrate how it serves as a gateway for businesses to connect with consumers worldwide, even in challenging and hard-to-reach markets. The company provided a space for the free download of the document at 

In his introduction, Dan Zonnenschein, Chief Operating Officer of Aerodoc, highlighted Aerodoc’s 25-year legacy of facilitating companies of all sizes in expanding their operations globally. “Aerodoc provides Importer and Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) solutions that allow our customers to import technology hardware and other assets where they do not have a legal entity,” says Zonnenschein. “IOR is a way for modern companies to reach those markets.”

2 Main Reasons to Try IOR

The white paper delves into the compelling reasons for businesses to explore Importer of Record services, highlighting two powerful benefits:

1. Import and Export of Capital Goods: IOR plays a critical role for companies seeking to expand sales globally and bring their own equipment, customized products, or assembly lines to destination countries. It becomes indispensable when a company lacks a legal presence in the target country or faces obstacles to incorporating goods into its assets.

“IOR is a key figure when the exporting company does not have a legal presence in the country. Without IOR, these companies would be obliged to establish themselves legally, find partners, and transfer their assets,” Zonnenschein adds.

2. Proof of Concept (POC): IOR serves as an efficient vehicle for conducting Proof of Concept in new markets without the need for mass mailings. It allows businesses to test market acceptance by sending test materials, enabling strategic decision-making based on real-world insights. For this, Aerodoc offers not only IOR, but also a Warehouse service in Miami with Fulfillment, through which virtually any company can sell its products outside or inside the United States.

“In the process of opening new markets, it is important to really know the customers, the competition, the pricing policies at the destination… One of the advantages of IOR is that there is no need for mass mailings to destinations,” explains Estefania Sisatzky EVP of OPS & Customer Service.

Opportunities for All: Trends and Industries Leveraging IOR

The white paper spotlights emerging trends and industries leveraging Importer of Record services to extend their global footprint:

1. E-Commerce: In the realm of e-commerce, IORs like Aerodoc act as crucial support agents for cross-border trade, facilitating market entry for wholesalers and resellers. The white paper details the role of IORs in better-integrated regions, such as Asian and European nations, where international shipping is streamlined.

2. Tech Companies: Technology manufacturers and vendors find a seamless fit with IOR services. Aerodoc’s collaboration with a US-based IT reseller exemplifies how IOR enables cost-effective international expansion through services like Delivery Duty Paid (DDP).

3. Medical Industry: The white paper underscores the significance of IOR in the healthcare sector, especially amid the global pandemic. As the pharmaceutical logistics market is poised for substantial growth, IOR becomes a strategic option for medical trials, shipment of specific medical devices, and ensuring secure and timely deliveries.

Aerodoc invites businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to download the white paper “How to Extend Your Global Reach with Importer of Record” free of charge. This invaluable resource provides actionable insights into global expansion strategies and the role of IOR in navigating the complexities of international trade.

“This is an invitation to meet us, but above all things, to discover a wonderful opportunity to reach the whole world,” says Zonnenschein. “Whenever you are ready to take that step, we will be here to walk with you. Thank you very much for being here.”

About Aerodoc Inc

Aerodoc Inc is a Miami-based integrated logistics provider with over 25 years of experience in facilitating global expansion for companies of all sizes. Specializing in Importer of Record services, Aerodoc empowers businesses to reach over 170 territories worldwide by offering comprehensive logistics solutions, including customs procedures, distribution, warehousing, installations, and top-quality management.

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