Executive Producer Richard Cohen releases The Retirement Deception

Executive Producer Richard Cohen releases The Retirement Deception
The Secret to True Wealth in Retirement – Revealed in The Retirement Deception

True wealth isn’t defined by a big nest egg. In The Retirement Deception, Richard Cohen works with respected film producers Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap to document the stories of real retirees who’ve found the holy grail of retirement: happiness and peace of mind.

You may be shocked to find that the dogma Wall Street unabashedly sells about how to retire successfully just doesn’t pan out in these uncertain times. If Wall Street doesn’t have the answer, who does?

What Is A Successful Retirement? What does it look like? You might be surprised to discover that it has nothing to do with charts, predictions, timing the market just right, luck, or even a financial advisor with a Harvard Law degree.

In this film, Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap take you across America to meet real retirees, uncovering the TRUTH about what it takes to build a successful retirement–and how to protect yourself from the risks of inflation, losses, taxes, and longevity that can damage your retirement dreams.

The Retirement Deception proves that a happy retirement isn’t just for millionaires. After interviewing dozens of retirees, Brett and Ethan realize that big nest eggs and high yields don’t necessarily lead to happiness in retirement.

Do you want to see how they did it? Watch this film to see real-world, hard-working Americans who have retired successfully and discover the strategies they used to do it.

You can see the film trailer at https://retirementdeception.com/

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