Executive Producer Jack Peter Debuts A New Documentary: The Retirement Deception

Executive Producer Jack Peter Debuts A New Documentary: The Retirement Deception
Peters offers a unique spin on what constitutes a happy retirement

Jack Peters is an executive producer for The Retirement Deception, a newly released documentary that aims to define what it takes to create a happy and successful retirement.

Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, best-selling authors and filmmakers, traveled over 18,000 miles and interviewed dozens of real retirees–from all different parts of the country and levels of financial wealth–to define what elements constitute a happy and successful retirement.

The Retirement Deception is a documentary film that views retirement from the ground up, through the eyes of real American retirees. The film aims to show that despite popular beliefs, it doesn’t take millions of dollars or hoping that Amercans can time the market just right in order to retire with 100 percent peace of mind. By interviewing real Americans who have transitioned into their retirement years, Kitchen and Kap expose what it really means to retire successfully amid an everchanging and unpredictable global economy. What they uncovered is a unique spin on how to retire with complete confidence, knowing that money set aside for retirement will never run out.

Watch this film to see real-world, hard-working Americans who have retired successfully and discover the strategies they used to do it.

You can see the film trailer at https://retirementdeception.com/

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