Korean Cosmetic OEM/ODM Special Feature, BEAU ADD, a Differentiated Concept Mask Pack, Elevates Skincare with ‘Well-Made Cosmetics’

Capitalizing on OEM and ODM Manufacturing, Backed by Experience in Operating Their Own Brand, the June Launch of ‘Rice Foam Cleanser’ Finds Success in the US Market.

BEAU ADD, established in 2000, is a cosmetic company dedicated to enhancing beauty, aptly reflected in its motto ‘Beauty To Be Added’.

Renowned for importing and distributing products from prominent brands such as COTY and REVLON, along with famed perfumes like PAL-ZILERI and SALEDO, BEAU ADD has made a name for itself in the cosmetics industry. The company has diversified its operations, extending from skincare and mask pack production and distribution to OEM and ODM manufacturing, as well as importing fragrances and makeup products. BEAU ADD also operates various in-house brands including Luxtry, Veronis, Bonny Hill, and Puorella, successfully penetrating both domestic and international markets.

In the current era of ‘Cosmetics OEM ODM Prosperity’, BEAU ADD has thrown its hat in the ring with its differentiated and well-crafted cosmetic products. The company aims for a ‘second leap’ in business, leveraging its expertise, research and development capabilities, modern facilities, and cutting-edge technology gained through years of expanding its business and managing its own brands. 

BEAU ADD has broadened its business into cosmetics manufacturing with its own factory and research lab in Gyeonggi-do, Ilsan. The company continues to diversify its business areas, encompassing skincare, mask packs, OEM ODM manufacturing, and importing perfumes and makeup products. With its state-of-the-art facilities and technology, BEAU ADD produces products that are trusted in the market.

BEAU ADD offers a diverse lineup including skincare, makeup, and body care products, all supported by OEM and ODM services. This allows them to develop customized new products tailored to the requirements of their clients. Their notable OEM products include mask packs, serums, and Luxtry cream. Among these, mask packs have various lines under the Veronis, Puorella, and Bonny Hill brands. 

BEAU ADD’s Rice Foam Cleanser, launched in June 2023, has gained significant popularity in the US market. This product achieved great success with sales exceeding 100,000 units at TJX stores nationwide.

The Rice Foam Cleanser is known for its cute rice-shaped character and has captured the hearts of Americans with its charming design and excellent product quality. Following its popularity, BEAU ADD also plans to launch a Snail Foam Cleanser, building on the success of the Rice Foam Cleanser and other variants like Strawberry and Lemon Foam Cleansers.

The Rice Foam Cleanser is distinguished for its rice bran extract, which effectively cleanses pores. It also brightens and tones up dull skin while maintaining moisture post-wash, making it a suitable cleanser for dry skin. The product’s success in the US market has raised expectations for its performance in the global market.

A BEAU ADD representative stated, “We are continuously engaged in research and development to provide high-quality products to our customers,” and promised “to offer more effective skincare solutions to our customers through ongoing product development and innovation.


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