“Poetry of a Life”, a Book by Sharon Romero Published by Olympus Story House Now Available on Amazon

Sharon Romero launched a breathtaking collection of music, poetry, and first-hand experiences called “Poetry of a Life.” The book is available on Amazon in Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback formats.

For many writers, poetry is a medium to channel strong emotions, relive memories, incite certain feelings, or pass on powerful messages. Sharon Romero, an educator and veteran, a parent and grandparent, a connoisseur of music and art, used poetry to give her readers a glimpse into the beauty of love and legacy, as well as the cold pain war and betrayal inflicted on her life, all tied together with her passion for music and embodied in her “Poetry of a Life” book. 

As an educator, Sharon holds an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and a Master’s degree. With decades of experience in edifying younger generations, Sharon approached writing Poetry of a Life with a mission to inspire and edify the reader about difficult topics while at the same time keeping the compilation an easy read.

As a parent and grandparent personally, Sharon had an infinite well to draw inspiration from, infusing her poetry with real-life experiences and wonderful memories she built with her family. 

Poetry of a Life” also touches on the harsh realities of war. Sharon Romero has served in the U.S. military, and as a veteran, she recalled some of the grueling experiences she endured during her tenure in the army. Her writings of poetry encompass serious topics related to war and the struggles that follow, including issues related to PTSD, which can be overwhelming to the human brain to even comprehend. The aftermath of trauma can have a profound and enduring impact on individuals that often lead to continued night tremors that affect not only the individual but also those within their inner circle for many years, sometimes even until death.

Sharon noted that “it can be difficult to appreciate the positives without the negatives in life,” saying that her decision to include poetry pieces about war, betrayal, and similar topics stems from that. 

Sharon Romero’s “Poetry of a Life” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other digital bookstores, and was published by Olympus Story House. More information about the author is available on the book’s official Amazon page.

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