Adelante Community Development is pioneering a sustainable Entrepreneurship ecosystem for Colorado’s Latino Community

Adelante Community Developmentā€™s founder, Maria Gonzalez, has the vision to bring Economic Prosperity and Wellness to the Latino Community in Colorado.

Led by visionary Maria Gonzalez, Adelante Community Development (ACD) has once again reaffirmed its commitment to supporting and guiding Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs to achieve economic prosperity and wellness. ACD has been a source of hope and growth for Colorado’s Latino community since it began in 2014. Promoting health and wellbeing, digital readiness, and economic prosperity by providing new, culturally appropriate services.

In a world looking for new ways to solve problems, ACD stands out as a bold leader, changing the story about Latino services and needs. Its founder, Maria Gonzalez, is an entrepreneur and tireless champion of social justice. With her job as Founder and CEO and her studies in entrepreneurship at Metropolitan State University, Maria shows how strong grit and hard work can be. Her progress from running Gonzalez Insurance Group to fighting for health equity and economic justice shows how knowledgeable and passionate she is to leave no one behind.

ACD invites the community to join this effort for change. Not only does ACD help Spanish-speaking businesses directly, but it also tries to make systemic changes that help the Latino community as a whole. From helping people learn how to use technology better to advocating fair laws, ACD has a direct and far-reaching effect.

In her own words, “My journey with Adelante Community Development began in 2010, born from firsthand experiences of the challenges faced during the 2008 economic recession. As an entrepreneur and a single mother, I saw significant gaps in resources, which fueled my determination to create a platform that could offer economic empowerment, community development, and leadership training for Latino entrepreneurs. Making Adelante a nonprofit in 2015, I aimed to construct an inclusive and technologically advanced business landscape for the Latino community in the United States.”

Maria is best known for playing a key part in the COVID-19 pandemic. Her efforts during the COVID-19 Pandemic have earned her numerous accolades, including recognition as a Community Hero by The American Red Cross 2022 Rocky Mountain Heroes. Active in various boards and councils, Maria’s dedication extends to serving in governmental advisory roles and leading community organizations focused on health equity, economic justice, and social change.

Adelante Community Development stands for its unwavering commitment to go against the grain, the drive to create new paths, and the promise to never leave anyone behind. The path of ACD is a sign of hope for a future where the Latino community does well and takes the lead.

To learn more, visit, send an email, or call 720-210-4163.

About Adelante Community Development

Adelante Community Development (ACD), established in 2014 by the community advocate and social entrepreneur Maria Gonzalez, is a non-profit dedicated to fostering the growth and pioneering the development of the Spanish-speaking Latino entrepreneurs’ ecosystem in Colorado. ACD provides specialized, culturally sensitive services aimed at empowering the community with the necessary expertise to nurture and maintain their business ventures.  ACD has a proud history of research and continues to be at the forefront of innovation. The organization’s primary focus is on resource development to support and advance the Latino community within the state. 

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