Kristin Welhaven’s Debut Book, “Brothers Never Die”, Helps Children and Families Navigate Sibling Loss

This heart-touching children’s book debuted is now exclusively available at leading retailers, with an upcoming release in e-book format.

Norwegian author Kristin Welhaven debuted her first children’s book, “Brothers Never Die”, in January 2024. Soon her heartwarming title will be available in e-book format from major retailers including Barnes and Nobles, Blackwells, Amazon, and others.

Welhaven is a mother of two boys, one of which has a rare syndrome, and she pulled from this journey of resilience and love to create “Brothers Never Die.” Welhaven says that her inspiration began with creating a story about welcoming a sibling with unique needs, and that idea evolved into her first book. “It became a tale that not only addresses the complexities of life but also celebrates the healing power of laughter for siblings,” said Welhaven. 

“Brothers Never Die” celebrates the strength of children and shares a story of a brother grieving his brother’s death. Welhaven wants “Brothers Never Die” to be a beacon of hope for children grappling with complex emotions, and she hopes that her new book reaches hearts around the world. In fact, she wrote her story in English so that it would be accessible by people everywhere.

For Welhaven, the joy of writing has been present her entire life. When it came to writing “Brothers Never Die,” Welhaven wanted to address the unique bond between siblings even in dire times. “The most challenging aspect of writing this book was navigating the delicate emotions surrounding siblings and families facing unique challenges,” said Welhaven. “Writing ‘Brothers Never Die’ was a cathartic journey, a way to transform our challenges into a source of inspiration. It’s a testament to the extraordinary bond of siblings facing adversity, a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is a glimmer of hope.”

Now, her first children’s book will soon be available to readers everywhere via e-book format via Barnes and Nobles, Blackwells, Amazon, and other retailers. “Brothers Never Die” has been published by the prestigious Nightingale Books and is now available in paperback format via Pegasus Publishers and


Norwegian author Kristin Welhaven is a mom of two boys and has just released her first children’s book, “Brothers Never Die.” Follow Kristin on Instagram.

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  1. As a Norwegian writer, Kristin Welhaven crafts an emotional tapestry in their debut book.  Photo: Private
  2. The book draws inspiration from the bravery of her son, Carl Fredric, who navigates a rare genetic disorder, a condition shared by only seven individuals globally. Photo: Private

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