The Europe Glamping Market to Worth $1.72 Billion by 2028 – Exclusive Focus Insight Report by Arizton

The Europe Glamping Market to Worth $1.72 Billion by 2028 - Exclusive Focus Insight Report by Arizton

“Europe Glamping Market Focus Insights Report by Arizton”
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According to Arizton’s latest focus insight report, the Europe glamping market is growing at a CAGR of 12.23% during the forecast period. 

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Arizton has recently released its latest research report on the Europe glamping market. The report highlights several key trends and developments shaping the industry in the region. 

The report provides complete information regarding consumer preferences and the adoption of glamping in Europe. Glamping combines functionality and aesthetics; hence it appeals to luxury travelers. Staycations are becoming popular, even among glamping enthusiasts. This has also widened the camping changes to a previously untapped market into luxurious accommodations. Furthermore, major players focus on strategic agreements, acquisitions, and collaboration with emerging players to enter the Europe roofing market to gain access to commercially launched products. The UK remains the largest market, but Eastern and Central European countries are the most dynamic. Belgium, Croatia, and Slovenia are some of the emerging glamping destinations that are breathing new life into the glamping market in the region. This is largely because tourism is important for GDP growth in some of these countries. These countries are also taking the sustainability route to reduce environmental pressure and increase economic benefits by tending to eco-travelers. Demographics and profiling potential glamper segments in the region give a well-rounded insight into how the glamping market will do going forward. 

Online search for the term glamping doubled over the last couple of years, indicating a high interest in the concept. Existing traditional campground owners are looking at glamping as a profit-generation proposition, thereby increasing supply in the market. Pods/lodges and safari tents are the most common glamping accommodations in the country since they can be set up with a small investment and generate quick returns. Tiny houses are catching the fancy of many in the market as vendors such as Droomparken invest in these types of accommodation. 

Key Development  

  • In 2022, Huttopia, one of the key vendors, acquired two glamping resorts- the Village Doñarragan Park in Hinojos (Huelva) and the El Berguedà campsite in Guardiola de Berguedà (Barcelona), marking the group’s admittance into the Iberian Peninsula.  
  • In 2023, Brokkestøylen, a resort in the Norwegian mountains, won the Luxlife Hotel & Restaurant Award for southern Norway. The resort offers luxury eco pods and a glass restaurant serving local and regenerative food. It is located 600 meters in Setesdal, a UNESCO heritage site surrounded by rivers, forests, and mountains. 

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Arizton has Published Latest Research Report on the US Glamping Market, Get a Sneak Peak of the Report Now: 

The US glamping market is set to expand from $561.42 million in 2023 to an impressive $1.3 billion by 2029.  

Glamping has rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US, gaining widespread recognition and acceptance among various segments of leisure travelers. During the outbreak of the pandemic, the travel industry came to a halt, prompting businesses to strategize on continued operations. As leisure travelers canceled trips, they sought alternative vacation planning options.  

The new demand for an approach to the outdoors was exceptional. Glamping, previously an emerging travel trend, was suddenly thrust into the spotlight as new travelers sought outdoor experiences with the luxurious amenities of a resort stay. Presently, glamping is no longer an isolated idea; nevertheless, it has become a household word. However, since the pandemic, the industry experienced exponential growth, fostering extensive interest in glamping, unlike in recent years. 

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Segmentation & Forecast  

  • Accommodation (Revenue)  
  • Cabins  
  • Safari Tents  
  • Yurts  
  • Treehouses  
  • Tipis  
  • Others  
  • Land Ownership (Revenue)  
  • Private Land  
  • Public Land  
  • Area (Revenue)  
  • Rural  
  • Urban  
  • Size (Revenue)  
  • 4-Person  
  • 2-Person  
  • Others  
  • End-User (Revenue)  
  • Consumers  
  • Events        


  • Bushtec Safari 
  • Sawday’s Canopy & Stars 
  • Eco Retreats  
  • Huttopia  
  • Wigwam Holidays 
  • Arena Campsites 
  • Bond Fabrications 
  • Chateau Ramšak 
  • Concierge Camping 
  • The Forge 
  • The Glamping Orchard  
  • Killarney Glamping  
  • Lanzarote Retreats 
  • Long Valley Yurts 

Table of Contents 

Europe Glamping Market Overview 

• Executive Summary  

• Introduction  

• Key Findings  

Europe Glamping Market Projected (Revenue) 

• Europe: Projected Revenue of Glamping Market (2022-2028) ($Millions)  

Europe Glamping Market Data (Revenue) 

• Europe: Projected Revenue by Accommodation (2022-2028); (Revenue $MN)  

  • Cabins  
  • Safari Tents  
  • Yurts  
  • Treehouses  
  • Tipis  
  • Others  

• Europe: Projected Revenue by Land Ownership (2022-2028; (Revenue $MN)  

  • Private Land  
  • Public Land  

• Europe: Projected Revenue by Area (2022-2028; (Revenue $MN)  

  • Rural  
  • Urban  

• Europe: Projected Revenue by Size (2022-2028; (Revenue $MN)  

  • 4-Person  
  • 2-Person  
  • Others  

• Europe: Projected Revenue by End-User (2022-2028; (Revenue $MN)  

  • Consumers  
  • Events  

Europe Glamping Market Prospects & Opportunities 

• Europe Glamping Market Trends  

• Europe Glamping Market Drivers  

• Europe Glamping Market Constraints  

Europe Glamping Market Industry Overview 

• Europe Glamping Market – Competitive Landscape  

• Europe Glamping Market – Key Players  

• Europe Glamping Market – Other Prominent Vendors  


• Research Methodology  

• Abbreviations  

• About Arizton  

About Focused Reports by Arizton     

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