Al+SocialDefi New Era: The Next Generation AIBOT Officially Debuts in Silicon Valley

February 6, 2024 – Silicon Valley, California, USA – At a grand gathering that brought together global industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and investors, the “Next-Generation AIBOT Product Applications” launch event was successfully unveiled, heralding the arrival of a new era in the fusion of AI artificial intelligence and SocialDefi. This launch focused on the intersection of AI technology and decentralized finance, showcasing the immense potential of the next-generation AIBOT in the WEB3 wave. It provided attendees with a unique experience of technological innovation, wealth opportunities, and a glimpse into the future.

Event Recap and Key Guests

The launch was hosted by seasoned presenter Gina, who first invited AIBOT CEO William Sterling to deliver an in-depth analysis of AIBOT’s market strategic position and future vision, resonating strongly with the audience. Concurrently, AIBOT’s CMO, Amelia Prescott, stated that AIBOT’s future plans would be based on transparency and innovation, indicating imminent strategic collaborations with multiple venture capital firms and WEB3 communities.

Introducing the AIBOT Ultra Brain Project

As an innovative encrypted social financial intelligence mechanism, the AIBOT Ultra Brain Project drives the fusion development of the WEB3 financial revolution and AI engine. The plan aims to provide superior AI technology solutions for the financial sector, based in the WEB3 ecosystem, serving as a bridge connecting the WEB2 and WEB3 worlds and covering 7 billion users globally.

In the AIBOT Ultra Brain Project ecosystem, Dinvest grants users exclusive blockchain analysis insights. The original chat application LinX perfectly interprets play-to-earn, chat-to-earn, and invest-to-earn, while its AI-powered big data iterative platform independently developed GPT+ adds more color to knowledge learning. The ownership experience of DeFi’s cryptocurrencies redefines the landscape by trading digital assets with BBOT, and LinX’s decentralized social application was crowned theUltra Brain APP of the year 2024, injecting new vitality into SocialDeFi, ensuring you don’t miss any chat in the cryptocurrency world.

SocialDeFi the key for future

SocialDeFi is a key future direction in the financial sector. Its advantages stem from the integration of traditional decentralized finance with social networking, creating a new financial ecosystem. The benefits of SocialDeFi include enhanced social interaction, community-driven development, trust-building, and personalized services. This allows users to share investment insights on social platforms, establish trust relationships, jointly determine the platform’s development direction, and enjoy personalized financial services.

AIBOT Ultra Brain Project Future Development

The AIBOT Ultra Brain Project will continue to develop, dedicated to launching new projects such as Dinvest AI 3.0, Secure Roll Up, and Relay Realm. These projects aim to improve AI model accuracy, address challenges faced by blockchain networks, and promote seamless cross-chain interoperability, thereby paving the way for the development of the decentralized ecosystem.

Dinvest AI 3.0: Optimizing data flow to provide precise investment insights, aiming to empower a broader range of traders and investors with more accurate and comprehensive data application methods.

Secure Roll Up: Addressing scalability and security challenges of blockchain networks by increasing transaction processing speed and reducing gas fees, paving the way for a more inclusive and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Relay Realm: Achieving seamless cross-chain interoperability, bridging the gap between WEB2 and WEB3, promoting diverse token application scenarios, enhancing liquidity, and creating a thriving decentralized ecosystem.

Technical Development Showcase

Lucas Harrington, the CTO of AIBOT, delivered a presentation on the technical foundation of the project. He emphasised the profound impact that algorithms have had on the domains of finance and supply chain management, specifically in terms of security and decision-making. He provided the audience with an overview of five significant applications: DINVEST, LINX, BBOT, GPT+, and DAPP. Harrington underscored the importance of BBOT as a trading instrument, which grants users access to market flexibility, limit orders, private transactions, and limit orders.

Vadim, a member of the official technical development team for AIBOT stationed at the headquarters for Asia-Pacific operations, participated remotely in this momentous occasion during this segment. He congratulated AIBOT on its triumphant launch and underscored how the Asia-Pacific region’s keenness on AIBOT technology will propel its worldwide expansion. Laxus, the marketing representative for AIBOT in the Asia-Pacific region, expressed his satisfaction with the launch event’s seamless execution while reflecting on the company’s trajectory from its inception to its current presence in numerous countries comprising the 4.2 billion-person Asia-Pacific area: Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Laxus declared its intention to further advocate for the global empowerment of AIBOT and its technological implementation in Southeast Asia in the foreseeable future.

Audience Feedback and Interaction

The launch event featured a live interactive session where attendees posed a series of questions to AIBOT’s CEO and CTO, covering topics such as project privacy and security, mission objectives, marketing strategies, and approaches to technical challenges. The CEO and CTO provided detailed responses to these inquiries, emphasizing AIBOT’s firm commitment to ethics, community engagement, and technological advancement.

Future Outlook and Vision

The development of the next-generation AIBOT Ultra Brain Project has introduced new possibilities for decentralized social finance (SocialDeFi). With continuous technological advancements and the maturation of the ecosystem, AIBOT is expected to play a crucial role in enhancing privacy data security, breaking down data silos, reducing costs, and promoting the widespread adoption of decentralized applications.

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