DERMARSSANCE, a specialized beauty brand that encapsulates dermatologists’ prescriptions in dermacosmetics (dermatology + cosmetics), focuses exclusively on collagen

DERMARSSANCE was born with a clear focus on efficacy and unwavering values to deliver better skin. It addresses skin that has been exposed to harmful environments and stress, providing scientific solutions for radiant skin and boosting self-confidence.

Since 2018, DERMARSSANCE has been exported to over 40 countries worldwide through global partnerships. The expert research team has developed precise and professional solutions to address the root of skin concerns. Collaborating with the medical company H&S BIOLAB, we have optimized ingredients to create a unique formula that caters to skin’s specific needs.

The HIGHPRIME COLLAGEN FILM is a specialized skincare product with unique features

It contains Type 1 collagen, which closely resembles the collagen found in the skin’s dermal layer. This collagen component helps prevent skin aging and promotes elasticity by aiding collagen formation. It has been clinically tested for human application at a specialized skin clinical institution. 

Derived from SANFORD, a reputable company with a 130-year tradition from the pristine South Pacific region of New Zealand, the collagen film mimics the structure of the skin’s dermal layer. This Type I collagen component helps prevent skin from aging and promotes elasticity by aiding collagen formation.

The thin and lightweight collagen product, which applies patented porous nano-piper technology in the Dermalayer, dissolves instantly upon contact with the skin due to its innovative electrospinning technique and rapidly penetrates the skin.

The preservative-free special care film is 100% comprised of only collagen and hyaluronic acid which are concentrated and dried into a nano-fiber film using patented technology to provide stable and rapid effects to skin .

You can target specific facial areas such as the forehead, neck, cheeks, and eye regions for focused care.

The 3 Types of Ultra Collagen is the optimal solution for noticeable deep wrinkles and aged skin.

Its rich and luxurious texture imparts smoothness and flexibility, providing elasticity to the skin. The ultra-low molecular weight collagen ensures thorough absorption, making it an ideal choice for skin rejuvenation.

If you desire a richer nutritional experience, you can create a cream-smoothing effect with DERMARSSANCE’s 3 Types of Ultra Collagen. Simply pump the cream and use the inside of the container like a palette to mix in the serum. This hygienic method ensures both safety and a luminous skincare routine. 

DERMARSSANCE+ is DERMARSSANCE for Professional use.

Healthy skin begins with youthful cells within the skin.

It is a cosmeceutical brand that harnesses scientific data obtained from dermatological research to restore the inherent strength of skin cells and produce cell-renewal factors, achieving anti-aging effects on the skin.

The entire process, from skin research to manufacturing, has been collaboratively developed by a team of medical experts, including Professor Kim Hyung-Sik, a pharmacist from Sungkyunkwan University.

Verified solutions incorporated with the concept of medical treatment using medical-grade ingredients / Uniform and stable nano-molecule skin penetration technology / Unique high-concentration blending techniques for fundamental skin care.


The O2 Layering Care Oxygen Core Infuser Program that you received from a skin specialist provides

High-concentration oxygen provides vitality to skin cells and accelerates cellular metabolism, aiding in the rapid regeneration of damaged cells

Skin regeneration through fresh oxygen supply!

By supplying sufficient oxygen to the skin layers, it aids in cell regeneration and prevents aging. The unique absorption rate of nano particles! The fine nano particles are directly absorbed by the skin without lingering on the surface, providing immediate nourishment

Home aesthetic care, just like the professional treatments you received at specialized skin clinics.

With the compact-sized Oxygen Core Infuser designed ergonomically, you can now enjoy home aesthetic care that is just the professional treatments you received for skin management.

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