Radiant Jesseca Long: Crowned Miss Global 2024 Champion of Diversity and Grace

Jesseca Long, a shining star from the vibrant city-state of Singapore, captivated hearts and claimed  the coveted title of Miss Global 2024 at the prestigious pageant held on January 27th at the elegant  Hyatt Place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

In a competition filled with beauty, grace, and intelligence, Jesseca’s radiance stood out, earning her  not only the prestigious crown but also the adoration of her supporters as she secured the Popular  Award. Additionally, her representation of Singapore in the national costume category was a  testament to her cultural pride, as she was honored as one of the top 6 finalists. 

Her evening gown, a masterpiece crafted by the acclaimed designer Eric Hen Couture hailing from  her homeland of Singapore, exuded elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing Jesseca’s  poise and charm on stage. 

Beyond her remarkable achievements in the pageant world, Jesseca Long is a woman of substance  and accomplishment. With a background as a Corporate Relationship Manager in Investment and  Wealth Management, she seamlessly blends professionalism with grace. Her academic prowess  shines through her attainment of a First Class Honours degree from Taylor’s University, where she  earned the Tertiary Merit Scholarship. 

As a mixed-blood of Chinese descent and Filipino-Spanish Mestiza roots, she embodies the  multicultural tapestry of Asia. Her talents extend far beyond the realm of beauty pageants; she holds  an Advanced Certificate in Piano from Trinity College London, showcasing her artistic flair.  

Furthermore, she is a certified yoga instructor and is currently pursuing belly dancing in Singapore. 

Miss Global Asian, the platform through which Jesseca Long rose to prominence, champions both  beauty and educational empowerment across Asia. With twenty-five contestants from various Asian  countries and territories, the pageant serves as a celebration of diversity and talent on a regional  scale. Organized by Tiara Management and Leading Management in Malaysia, it provides a platform  for young women like Jesseca to showcase not only their beauty but also their intellect, talent, and  cultural heritage

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