Enchanting Journey Unveiled: Lilac Liao Releases “The Enchanted World” – A Magical Collection of Fairy Tales for Young Minds

Enchanting Journey Unveiled: Lilac Liao Releases "The Enchanted World" - A Magical Collection of Fairy Tales for Young Minds

Lilac Liao, a ten-year-old prodigious storyteller, is set to captivate young hearts by releasing her enchanting collection, “The Enchanted World.” This remarkable compilation features 25 refined fairy tales that transport readers to magical realms where fairies, witches, wizards, and courageous friends embark on extraordinary adventures.

About the Author

Born in 2012 in the picturesque landscapes of Canada, Lilac Liao is not your ordinary fifth-grader. Lilac exhibited a profound love for stories from her early years, sparking her imaginative journey. In 2019, Lilac’s world expanded during her studies at a top Chinese primary school in Shenzhen, China, where she found inspiration that fuels her tales.

The Author’s Magical Beginnings:

In a whimsical twist to conventional storytelling, Lilac introduces herself in her own words: “I am now ten years old, and I think I might be a little too magical.” Lilac’s journey began in Ottawa, where, under the guidance of her supportive grandpa, she wrote her first story, “Molly and the Spooky Forest.” This marked the inception of a prolific writing career, with Lilac penning over a hundred captivating stories, each brimming with creativity.

A Magical Tapestry of Stories:

The Enchanted World” weaves a tapestry of magical narratives, taking readers on an enthralling adventure through The Spooky Forest, Cloud Castle, The Fire Queen, The Magic Adventure, and more. In Lilac’s world, fairies are real, witches and wizards battle giant serpents in the thickest of trees, and friends stand united against the darkest of times.

Lilac’s Favorites and Influences:

Lilac shares her love for listening to stories, citing influences such as “A Tale of Magic,” “The Land of Stories,” and “Harry Potter.” Her reading list includes cherished titles like “Charlotte’s Web” and “The Christmas Pig,” all of which have contributed to her rich imagination.

A Message from the Author:

In Lilac’s own words, “I hope my story writing could be appealing for you! I also hope my stories could be attractive to you and your friends who have similar dreams and imaginations. ‘Stay enchanted!'” Lilac believes in the magic that surrounds us, encouraging readers to embrace the whimsy and wonder within her tales.

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