Author’s Tranquility Press Unveils “Rhythms Primeval” by Maya Mitra Das: A Poetic Odyssey Into Timeless Depths.

Author's Tranquility Press Unveils "Rhythms Primeval" by Maya Mitra Das: A Poetic Odyssey Into Timeless Depths.
Unveiling the Mystique of Human Emotion: “Rhythms Primeval” by Maya Mitra Das

Author’s Tranquility Press proudly introduces “Rhythms Primeval” by Maya Mitra Das, a captivating collection of poetry that intricately explores the alchemy of primeval moons and mist-wrapped mountains. Released under the imprint of Author’s Tranquility Press, this anthology transcends conventional poetic boundaries, offering readers a profound and timeless literary experience.

Maya Mitra Das, an esteemed wordsmith, unearths the depths of personal myth within the pages of “Rhythms Primeval.” With poetic finesse, Das skillfully navigates the spectrum of human emotion, from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of despair. Her verses, an ode to the complexities of human loneliness, resonate with a poignant authenticity that leaves an indelible mark on the reader’s soul.

The collection invites readers on a literary journey, painting vivid landscapes that encapsulate the primeval beauty of emotions. Das’s poetic mastery transforms words into an immersive experience, capturing the ancient echoes that connect humanity to its roots.

Within the nuanced exploration of the human condition, “Rhythms Primeval” reveals the healing power of love. Das weaves threads of hope through her verses, creating a narrative that uplifts and inspires. The intertwining themes of love and resilience add layers of depth to the collection, making it a compelling and enriching read.

“Rhythms Primeval” is now available for purchase on Amazon, allowing readers to delve into the eloquence of Maya Mitra Das’s poetry. Immerse yourself in this literary odyssey and experience the profound and timeless emotions that echo through the pages.

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About the Author

Maya Mitra Das is an accomplished poet known for her ability to capture the essence of the human experience through profound and evocative verse. With a unique blend of introspection and poetic skill, Das invites readers to explore the depths of emotion in “Rhythms Primeval.”

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