An Inspirational Tale of Resilience Emerges in “Women Caught in the Crossfire”

An Inspirational Tale of Resilience Emerges in "Women Caught in the Crossfire"

Abuk Jervas Makuac along with co-author Susan Lynn Clark provide a deeply inspiring account of women from all social classes who, against all odds, survived together under the horrendous circumstances of civil war in South Sudan.

The book narrates intimate refugee experiences lived during one of the most turbulent times of South Sudan’s struggle for independence from 1983 to 2011, where Abuk Makuac among many others helped each other stay alive day after day, even through the harshest of conditions. Through her lens, readers are invited to examine a crucial question: What becomes of the goodness of person when thrust into endless life threatening conditions?

Thrown suddenly into the storm of war, Abuk and her little child take refuge in an overcrowded UN camp in Ethiopia, fighting daily against starvation and despair. This story is a testimony of the indomitable human spirit.

At a time when we are constantly bombarded by news of one after another pitiable story of victimization and displacement, it is rare to be given a close-up and personal view of the strength and heroism also found among refugees. This book provides such a new and astonishing view.

At the conclusion of her story, Abuk says, “For this, one must be stronger than death. We are such women. We are not victims, but proud bearers of the wisdom of generations. We are every country’s lifeline of hope for the future.”

Her words resonate deeply and her story challenges us to go beyond traditional notions of weakness and strength.

Abuk Jervas Makuac and Susan Lynn Clark are a team of authors who bring a very unique perspective to this timely and important story. Abuk, who had to endure the hardships of displacement and resettlement, shares her firsthand account of how she herself learned to survive with hope. On the other hand, Susan Lynn Clark is a licensed psychotherapist who has devoted herself to understanding both the trauma and resilience of displaced peoples.

Women Caught in the Crossfire is a story that showcases the fortitude of women, not only in the life of one person but in the life of a nation.  It is a stirring story that combines together elements of struggle, hope, and the enduring ability of a human’s spirit.

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