YUME Unveils Game-Changing Streaming and Music Publishing Platform

YUME Global, a company dedicated to enhancing experience for both listeners and artists, recently unveiled its suite of services with the goal to revolutionize the billion-dollar music industry.

Officially launched on January 28, 2024, at the Illuminarium, the company marks a new era in music innovation.

YUME has rapidly amassed over 500 users and onboarded approximately 200 talented musicians, showcasing its distinctive streaming and music publishing offerings. With YUME, premium members can anticipate earning rewards through streaming points accumulation and substantial commissions by inviting others to join the dynamic YUME music community. For artists, YUME offers expedited platform discovery, improved royalties management, exposure to global opportunities, and a suite of career-enhancing tools.

Creating a Platform for Everyone

CEO and serial entrepreneur Edward Bruce Ybanez underscored the platform’s inclusivity, stating, “Our business model is designed to empower individuals of all ages, ensuring that anyone with a mobile device can earn income anytime, anywhere.” Eric Lagrimas, Publishing Director and Berklee Music alumni, echoed Bruce’s sentiments, expressing excitement about YUME’s role in revolutionizing the music industry. “YUME represents a paradigm shift for independent artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their music to a captive audience while rewarding engagement,” Lagrimas emphasized.

Jason Purino brings over his 25 years of experience as live concert producer in his role as Chief Visionary Officer. Purino highlighted YUME’s overarching mission, emphasizing its commitment to fostering transformative experiences. “Our core values and ethical principles are the cornerstone of our venture, setting us apart in the industry. I am eagerly anticipating the positive impact YUME will have on people’s lives.”

Set to Achieve a Global Impact

YUME is embarking on a roadshow across Canada, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Thailand, to introduce the company’s services to musicians and listeners in these countries’ major cities. The music company will then hold a grand launch in Dubai. This global initiative highlights YUME’s commitment to making its mark on the international music landscape.

About YUME:

YUME is a music ecosystem that makes music rewarding for musicians and listeners. YUME offers a complete solution for musicians and listeners with music publishing, record label, streaming platform, live events, and affiliate program. 

For more information, visit www.yume.global.

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