Ashwin Teen Financial Academy (ATFA) Collaborates with StockSense to Enhance Financial Literacy

ATFA’s collaboration with StockSense to expand financial literacy education, offering interactive courses and tools to empower youth.

Ashwin Teen Financial Academy (ATFA), a notable organization in youth financial education, announces a strategic collaboration with StockSense, an organization developing and providing gamified financial learning. The collaboration aims to extend the reach of financial literacy education, combining the strengths of both organizations to benefit a wider global audience. 

ATFA has established itself as a key player in providing young individuals with the tools to manage financial challenges effectively. Through its comprehensive array of free online and in-person programs, ATFA addresses the gap in financial education, preparing teens for the economic realities of adulthood. 

Joining forces with StockSense, known for its engaging financial literacy app, ATFA’s courses will be made available to a more extensive mobile audience through StockSense’s platform.

ATFA will also be incorporating StockSense’s app into its educational offerings, thus enriching the resources available to its student community. 

Ashwin Joshi, Founder and CEO of ATFA, expressed optimism about the collaboration, noting, “Working with StockSense allows us to expand our mission of providing accessible financial literacy. This collaboration enhances our content and community reach, moving us closer to our goal of financial empowerment for all.” Hugo Eechaute, Founder and CEO of StockSense, shared a similar sentiment, emphasizing the mutual benefits of collaboration in promoting financial literacy globally. 

The collaboration reflects both organizations’ dedication to improving financial education. ATFA’s curriculum has been developed extensively since 2020, adopting a teens-teach-teens model to ensure relevance and engagement for young learners. Since joining in 2022 Sahir Tandon, Co-Founder of ATFA, and in 2023 Hiba Alhaidari, COO of ATFA, have been instrumental in this process, contributing to ATFA’s growth into a comprehensive platform for financial education. 

ATFA’s initiatives have received significant recognition, with the organization featured in over 420 news articles worldwide. As challenges like inflation and debt become more pressing, the work of ATFA has become increasingly vital. Looking forward, ATFA and StockSense are eager to continue their work together, planning to introduce new collaborations, community efforts, and educational resources, with the aim of empowering future generations with the knowledge needed for financial well-being. 

Ashwin Teen Financial Academy (ATFA) is also active on Instagram. Users can visit the official website for any media or commercial inquiries. 

About ATFA: 

ATFA is a nonprofit organization that enriches teens’ education with financial literacy. It offers a variety of educational tools, including webinars, courses, and simulations, to equip young people with essential financial skills. 

About StockSense: 

StockSense is an organization committed to financial literacy education, offering an engaging app that makes learning about finance interactive and accessible. Established to address the lack of financial education among youth, StockSense aims to make a significant impact.

Learn more about StockSense and the company’s app at their website:

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