Be Hati Skin Clinic’s Online Service Makes Access Health Facilities Easier

One of the impacts of the pandemic that hit the world four years ago was teaching the use of online-based activities. People are starting to get used to using information technology for their daily lives.

Changes in people’s behavior occur in all fields, including the health sector. This condition is one of the bases for providing online-based health services developed by Be Hati Skin Clinic over the last four years. 

“Services to the community must be adaptive, able to adapt to current developments,” said a dermatologist and owner of Be Hati Skin Clinic, Dr Khoirul Hadi Sp.KK.

This skin health clinic based in the city of Solo is actually quite busy with the offline consultation services and treatment services available. However, several restrictions that occurred during the pandemic made it difficult for customers who were outside the city to access these health services.

“This service allows all levels of society from various regions to have access to treatment for all skin problems experienced,” said Dr Khoirul Hadi Sp.KK.

Over the past four years, Be Hati Skin Clinic has been able to help lots of customers who have skin health problems through the online consultation service it has developed. This service continues to be developed even though the pandemic has been declared over.

This online service developed by Be Hati Skin Clinic is also able to help people in areas that do not yet have adequate health service facilities. Moreover, there are still many areas that do not yet have specialist dermatologist services.

Most customers feel confident in entrusting their skin problems to Be Hati because they have heard several testimonials from patients who have recovered. They became more convinced after seeing the rating on Google Reviews which was close to 5 stars.

Moreover, until now Be Hati Skin Clinic has chosen not to open branches in other cities. This choice was taken to maintain service quality and customer trust.

“Actually, there have been many requests from the public for Be Hati to open branches in several other big cities. However, we have not been able to make that choice,” said Dr Khoirul Hadi Sp. K.K.

He admitted that currently there are several other clinics that have followed suit by opening online consultation services. Dr Khorul Hadi Sp.KK invited the public to vote.

“My advice is to choose a clinic that is truly served by dermatologists. Apart from that, make sure it is served by doctors who have experience so they can diagnose problems well through online consultations.

About Be Hati

Be Hati Skin Clinic is a skin health service center based in Solo City. The skin clinic is lead by a dermatologist who has 16 years of experience.

Apart from consultations provided directly by experts, this clinic offers various treatments such as BDR, CO2 Laser, Facials, radio frequency, chemical facial peels, laser rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery and fat transfer.

The high level of consumer trust in the clinic and the experts who support it means that Be Hati Skin Clinic has not opened a branch anywhere.

As a solution, Be Hati Skin Clinic provides online consultation facilities so that it can serve the interests of people from outside the city.

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