The world’s first WEB3 payment platform, Juleduo, emerges from its cocoon, enabling more freedom in payments.

WEB3 represents a concept beyond any single technology, with blockchain technology, due to its distributed storage, immutability, encrypted information, and tokenization of data permissions, becoming the most powerful driver of WEB3. It also forms the foundational infrastructure of the WEB3 world. Blockchain, with its decentralization, security, transparency of information, and smart contracts, fundamentally solves the trust issues between transaction entities in different segments. This solution, rooted in underlying technology, is crucial for addressing problems in the digital payment market.

Juleduo was thus born, representing the first ecosystem of the Asia Pacific International Digital Asset Exchange, the world’s first public blockchain with a UnionPay prepaid card for WEB3 decentralized transactions. It is a platform focused on WEB3 decentralized digital currency payments under blockchain technology, addressing various issues present in traditional digital payments by providing “safe, convenient, and free” digital currency payment services. It further optimizes the advantages of cryptocurrencies, such as fast transactions, low costs, and high efficiency, offering the public a secure, convenient, and efficient digital asset platform. By bridging the gap between digital currencies and the real world, it provides payment protection for the digitalization of assets across all industries worldwide, facilitating transactions between merchants in various industries and the growing global population of cryptocurrency holders, allowing everyone to easily pay with digital assets anytime, anywhere.

Juleduo supports both B2B and B2C, possessing a mature ecosystem with WEB3 wallets, artificial intelligence and IoT, and digital currency bank cards forming the Juleduo ecosystem. The WEB3 wallet DAPP serves as the service carrier for the Juleduo payment platform, functioning across any platform and browser as a client, supporting all browsers to open the wallet. The WEB3 wallet DAPP offers users unified management of multi-blockchain assets and simple transaction exchanges, supporting multiple languages of major digital currency markets such as Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, clearing language barriers to create a world-class wallet application. It enables unified management of various digital currencies within a single wallet DAPP for one-stop management; provides decentralized services, allowing users full control over their wallet keys; offers multi-signature technology and two-factor authentication for comprehensive digital currency asset security; develops an exchange network based on the platform, using smart contracts, cross-chain gateways, and cross-smart contract technology for risk-free digital currency exchange services; integrates exchange APIs to offer users optimal market prices and simple, convenient transactions; and connects with payment service providers to offer convenient deposit tools such as card-swiping channels and mobile card readers.

Juleduo has a wide range of applications, supporting online consumption, offline payments, and daily bill payments for digital currency users to securely and conveniently make payments; facilitating international trade with blockchain as the medium, significantly speeding up trade settlement for enterprises worldwide; developing applications for financial institutions on Juleduo to provide financial services to businesses and individuals; and offering social services, contract trading, currency exchange, and digital currency conversion.

Juleduo boasts top global technology, including Zero-Knowledge proof, utilizing zero-knowledge proof technology for cross-chain and cross-smart contract technology; SHA512-ZERO encryption technology, ensuring data security on the Juleduo network; Ring Topology Hub, connecting multiple chains to one Hub for easy cross-chain and conversion of digital assets; the unique NOBLOCK technology engine, achieving the lightest wallet purpose; and the NO-LOCALCOIN exchange network, based on the Juleduo blockchain platform using customized smart contracts and cross-chain gateway technology for risk-free digital currency exchange; and ZeroPay, a lightning payment network, ensuring instant transfer confirmation and real-time card transactions unaffected by blockchain.

Juleduo adopts a dual-token model, with A coin as the platform coin and B coin as the ecological coin, with all future ecological construction consuming B coin. Juleduo prioritizes the issuance of A coin, with a total of 21 million coins, distributed over 10 months at 2.1 million coins per month, with 2.1 million coins for minting and 16.8 million coins for finance farming mining at 210,000 coins per week. B coin is issued through mining, with participation in ecological promotion using A coin and U to mine B coin.

According to the Juleduo team, the Juleduo WEB3 wallet has been developed, supporting BTC, ETH, and mainstream tokens issued on platforms such as Ethereum, with exchange integration for convenient buying and selling of digital currencies within the DAPP. In the future, digital currency bank cards will be issued, connecting digital currencies with bank cards for online and offline transactions. Additionally, a decentralized exchange will be developed, listing Juleduo tokens on exchanges and exploring cooperation with banks and financial institutions to offer users a variety of innovative services.

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