Uteach Makes Online Education Accessible to Less Developed Countries As Well

Uteach, a leading EdTech company, has taken the initiative to make online education accessible to every corner of the globe.  The company announced that it had expanded the list of payment gateways.  It aims to include the primary payment methods of as many countries as possible. They strongly believe this creates vast opportunities for online educators to accept payments globally. On the other hand, learners can make financial transactions easily.

Uteach, an eLearning platform enabling educators, course creators, online instructors, coaches, trainers, and training centers to effectively manage their educational business, aims at mitigating the challenges these educators face when delivering their expertise. The platform helps online educators to create, market, and deliver their content easily. It inspires online educators to help learners in need worldwide achieve their goals. 

“One of our founding principles at Uteach is to break down the barriers to education and grant a chance for everybody to acquire new skills regardless of their region and possibilities,” mentions Hrayr Shahbazyan, the co-founder and CEO of Uteach. “Recognizing the disparities in access, our team worked to create a user-friendly eLearning platform that transcends the geographical and economic limitations. We want to create a world where education is a fundamental right, not a privilege. In this regard, addressing the payment challenge became our top priority”.

The founder also mentions the initiative has not yet ended. They are still open to receiving requests from online educators on integrating local payment methods. Uteach offers a central portal where online educators can leave requests for other features as well. The company already integrated 25+ unique payment methods. It solidifies its position as the platform with the most integrated payment solutions. Uteach accelerates progress in underserved communities, where access to education has traditionally been a challenge.  

Local payment gateways are not the only strategy

Accommodating diverse currencies is not the only way for Uteach to achieve its mission. They also incorporate a multilingual user interface to eliminate language barriers. The multilingual UI contributes to the platform’s appeal for educators seeking to reach diverse audiences.

“In discussions with numerous content creators, it became evident that they encountered difficulties in reaching a global audience of learners,” remarks the CEO. In their turn, learners could not find educational websites in their local languages. It’s all because the majority of websites operate in English.”

This is why multilingual UI support was introduced. It allows creators to auto-translate the webpage content in a few seconds. Thus, they are able to meet the learners’ needs better.

More about Uteach

Uteach is an all-in-one eLearning platform for online educators, coaches, and training centers. With Uteach, they can create an online school and share their knowledge with students worldwide.

–  The platform provides all business, marketing, and creating-related automation tools & resources. This way, they can deliver the educational materials easily.
–  The educational content uploaded on the creators’ teaching websites includes various formats. They include online courses, digital and physical products, online coaching, and live sessions. Content diversity is what helps to meet every learner’s needs.


As part of its ongoing efforts to make education more accessible, Uteach remains dedicated to refining and expanding its platform features. The integration of local payment gateways is just one facet of the company’s comprehensive strategy to continually improve accessibility, user engagement, and the overall impact of online education on a global scale.

Anyone who wants to share their skills with the world’s learners can build a website in less than five minutes and launch an online school. 

Learn more about Uteach’s solution for online educators and learners around the globe. Join their mission as someone with a passion for online teaching.

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