SmartClinics Offers Comprehensive Medicals and Assessments for Individuals and Businesses

SmartClinics Offers Comprehensive Medicals and Assessments for Individuals and Businesses

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – 21st Feb, 2024 – SmartClinics, Australia’s leading healthcare provider, is now offering a wide array of medicals and assessments aimed at promoting safety, health, and fitness. These services include Driver’s License Medicals, Pre-Employment Medicals, Dive Medicals, Aviation Medicals, and Fitness to Drive Assessments.

SmartClinics understands that driving requires perception, judgment, responsiveness, and physical capability. Therefore, the Driver’s License Medicals are designed to ensure that an individual’s health status does not increase crash risk. Doctors may recommend conditional licenses with specific restrictions in cases of certain conditions that may impair driving ability such as blackouts, sleep disorders, vision problems, diabetes, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, and heart disease.

“SmartClinics is committed to contributing to road safety by offering medical standards that ensure drivers’ health and fitness do not compromise safety on the road. Our assessments evaluate driving abilities, ensuring that individuals can drive safely despite medical conditions,” said a spokesperson for SmartClinics.

In the business sector, SmartClinics is offering tailored Pre-Employment Medical Examinations to ensure employees are fit for specific work environments. These examinations provide a baseline health assessment for employees, and businesses can inquire about tailored assessment packages.

Furthermore, SmartClinics’ doctors also conduct Dive Medical Examinations, which include a medical questionnaire, hearing and eyesight tests, urine test, lung function test, blood pressure check, and measurements. These examinations are available for both recreational and commercial purposes.

For those in the aviation industry, SmartClinics has Australian Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAME) who can issue aviation medical certificates. These assessments must be booked in advance and are by appointment only.

Lastly, Fitness to Drive Assessments are also offered to evaluate individuals’ fitness to drive, especially for those with medical conditions or treatments. This includes regular reviews by the doctor when required and adherence to any driving restrictions and conditions is the responsibility of the license holder.

SmartClinics is committed to providing comprehensive health services to ensure the safety and wellness of all individuals and businesses.

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SmartClinics is a network of family medical centres that deliver high-quality healthcare across Australia. Our commitment to preventative care helps ensure the overall well-being of men across the nation, offering a comprehensive suite of physical and mental health services. SmartClinics is dedicated to promoting early detection and management of various health conditions, providing support for mental health, and driving awareness about bowel and prostate health.

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