Helping Teenagers Find Their Passion Without The Need To Chase After A Degree

Helping Teenagers Find Their Passion Without The Need To Chase After A Degree

It is a common myth that people in modern society think of a degree as their path to success. Children are told that they must make sure they are working hard and consitently making an effort towards their educational commitments. But what about the students who do not wish to learn more? What about the children who can not get their heads around the concept of why x=y? Should their future be disregarded, and should they be made to live a life dependent on someone else, knowing they have the potential to do a lot more?

Well, there is hope for children who choose a different path from the rest. Jeff Striegel is coming out with his latest release, named Screw College. This book is based on helping children find their passion in skill-based earning. It helps align the resources that are necessary for success and helps people understand that money can be earned from various sources, not just from college degrees.

It removes the myth of college degrees determining a succesful future. And helps utilize the potential that is widely common in the world but is never tapped into. Along with guidance, it helps a person alter their habits to be more confident, aligned, and disciplined to earn for themselves.

About The Author

Jeff Striegel is from a typical blue-collar family that could not envision any career path for him that didn’t include going to college. The problem was he hated school. Jeff had the good fortune to start working at an early age, found his true passion in the workplace, and went on to become a multi-millionaire. His passion now is to find a way to help teens who don’t want to go to college find their path to success as well.

Book Name: Screw College: A Guide to Finding Success, and a Rewarding & Fulfilling Career without College
Author Name: Jeff Striegel
ISBN Number: 978-1088195994
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