Optimizing Nocturnal Wellness: A Comprehensive Guide to Liver Protection for Night Owls

In the context of “Optimizing Nocturnal Wellness: A Comprehensive Guide to Liver Protection for Night Owls,” a recommendation is made to prioritize vitamin choices. Options such as vitamin A, B, C, or the consideration of potential benefits from milk thistle are suggested.

Here are the reasons:

(Note: The discussion will exclusively focus on the effects on the liver, excluding other functions.)

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is commonly used to treat ocular diseases and for skincare purposes. It doesn’t have a significant protective effect on the liver. Moreover, since vitamin A has a low excretion rate, excessive intake can lead to vitamin A toxicity, affecting the metabolism of organs like the liver and kidneys.

Vitamin B the acceleration of nutrient metabolism in the body and the enhancement of the liver’s tolerance to alcohol are notable effects. This is particularly suitable for individuals seeking liver protection while consuming alcohol, rather than those focusing on staying up late.

Vitamin C has the greatest effect on the liver by inhibiting free radicals, which helps protect the liver. During the process of detoxification in the liver, there will be a byproduct oxygen free radical. Excessive free radicals can diffuse and indiscriminately attack surrounding cells, causing liver damage.

Milk thistle is the core component of milk thistle grass and is the main ingredient in 80% of liver-protecting supplements on the market. Its mechanism is to stimulate protein synthesis and normalize phospholipid metabolism, thus promoting liver nourishment and protection. However, the liver is a powerful and complex chemical factory, and phospholipid function is just one of the many biochemical reactions in the liver. The normality of phospholipid function alone is not enough to reflect the complete health of the liver.

In summary, If you want to protect your liver for staying up late, milk thistle is a relatively good choice. However, with the further development of technology, liver protection products that can directly act on liver cells have appeared on the market. These products mainly contain cutting-edge coenzyme nutrients such as PQQ and inositol.

Recently, a liver purification pill named “Estheliv,” a US brand, has become part of a routine. It comprises cellular-level liver-protecting ingredients like PQQ and inositol. Given regular engagement in medical experiments within the laboratory, where entire days are spent and late nights are common for paper writing, a careful comparison led to choosing these ESTHELIV Liver Detox Capsules, considering health and the demands of medical research habits.

The main ingredients of ESTHELIV Liver Detox Capsules are PQQ disodium salt pyrroloquinoline quinone and inositol, two popular nutrients abroad. Its function is to revitalize liver immune cells, promote the generation of fresh mitochondria, provide sufficient energy to the liver, and improve its metabolic rate. In the analogy to running, the more energy available, the faster one can run. The liver is the same; when it has sufficient energy, it naturally becomes more vibrant.

The image below is a set of scientific experiment: a group of mice were given a fixed amount of PQQ daily, and the control group had the diet as usual. The results indicate that the mice that consumed PQQ had more mitochondria in their cells than the control group, proving that PQQ can better promote mitochondrial production.

PQQ also has the ability to inhibit free radicals, and this effect is 5000 times that of vitamin C.

Below is a link and image from a scholarly research study that demonstrates the potential physiological importance of PQQ: 6:1 PubMed Potential physiological importance of PQQ

There have also been experiments that study the liver with control group, which showed that PQQ has a better protective effect on the liver compared to milk thistle. Furthermore, it does not burden or damage the liver.

In combination with inositol, which possesses the capability to emulsify fats and reduce the burden on the liver, the product further protects the liver. The image below demonstrates the emulsification of liver fat by inositol:

With the combined action of PQQ and inositol, the liver’s metabolic capacity is enhanced, which can greatly alleviate liver fatigue caused by staying up late.

Due to PQQ’s high intensity oxidative-reduction reaction ability, whether it is in terms of inhibiting free radicals or protecting the liver, the liver detox capsules from ESTHELIV has a better protection effect. Having been taken consistently for an extended period, typically with two tablets consumed during breakfast, the experience includes sustained energy throughout the day. Notably, the previous fatigue that occurred after staying up late is no longer a concern.

Nevertheless, as a responsible medical student, the advice for everyone is that staying up late significantly impacts the liver negatively. For the sake of one’s health, it is advisable to avoid staying up late if possible. Unlike other parts of the body, the liver doesn’t cause pain when there are problems. If it does reach the point of causing pain, the problem is usually more serious. Hence, prioritizing liver health in daily life and cultivating the habit of going to bed early and waking up early is crucial.

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