Manual Pallet Truck Maintenance and Safety Operation Guide

People might meet some problem when using a hand pallet truck, this article, can help them solve most problems they might have and give them correct guide to using a pallet truck safty and long lifespan.

1. Hydraulic Oil problems

Please check the oil level every six months. The oil capacity is about 0.3lt.

2. How to expel air from pump

The air may come into the hydraulic oil because of transportation or pump in upset position. It can cause that the forks do not elevate while pumping in the RAISE position. The air can been banished in the following way: let the control handle on the LOWER position, then move the handle up and down for several times.

3. Daily check and maintenance 

Daily check of the pallet truck can limit wear as much as possible. Special attention should be paid to the wheels, the axles, as thread, rags, etc. It may block the wheels. The forks should be unloaded and lowered in the lowest position when the job is over.


Use motor oil or grease to lubricate all moveable will help their pallet truck always keep in a good working condition.

For safe operation of the Hand Pallet Truck, please read all warning signs and instructions here and on the pallet truck prior to use.

1. Do not operate the pallet truck unless they are familiar with it and have been trained or authorized to do so.

2. Do not use the truck on sloping ground.

3. Never place any part of their body in the lifting mechanism or under the forks or load.

4. ZOOMSUN advise that operators should wear gloves and safety shoes.

5. Do not handle unstable or loosely stacked loads.

6. Do not overload the truck.

7. Always place loads centrally across the forks and not at the end of the forks

8. Make sure that length of the forks matches the length of the pallet.

9. Lower the forks to lowest height when the truck is not being used.

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